A summary of this past year and the current development status of Phase III.

RNDR 2018 Year-End Network Recap

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5 min readDec 28, 2018

2018 was a phenomenal year for the RNDR Network. Our team more than doubled while we simultaneously developed a number of key industry partnerships. Most important, the RNDR Network is running on the Ethereum testnet consistent with our roadmap.

We would like to start by thanking the community for the support and feedback throughout this year — it has been essential to developing a robust network. We launched RNDR to build an open holographic metaverse, using the world’s collective GPU compute power and the blockchain to usher in the next-generation of media. Our work this year has set the foundations for a mainnet launch in Q1 2019, where we will continue working towards realizing our vision.

We couldn’t be happier with the progress we’ve made thanks to you and we are extremely excited for what is on the horizon for 2019. Below is a recap of major releases and highlights.

-Jules Urbach, CEO and Co-Founder

Q4 Technical Update: Phase III B-C Updates

  1. Watermarking and un-watermarking: Any asset that is rendered on the RNDR Network is watermarked when sent to the node and un-watermarked once it is sent back to the artist.
  2. Escrow system: Artist places tokens in a trust while work is performed. Miners are paid and excess tokens are refunded.
  3. Artist approval: Prior to paying miners, the artist must approve the work as completed properly (artist does not pay for bad frames)
  4. Artists to upload their own scenes: Artists can now upload their own .orbx scenes to the RNDR network with unlimited samples.
  5. Intelligent assignment: Checking hardware info & memory usage to improve node-job pairings

This concludes Phase 3C. With our beta testers giving us valuable feedback, we have been able to grow the feature list and functionalities in our network at a much faster pace. Our next steps will be expanding the reach of the RNDR network to Ethereum mainnet and make this an economically sustainable network for both GPU providers and requesters.

Summary of this year’s previous milestones:

Phase 1

  • The end of March also marked the end of Q1 and the date that the RNDR team had set for Phase I completion. The team has successfully integrated Metamask with the existing ORC.

Phase 2

  • The RNDR Network has officially reached the end of Phase II of development. We currently have a System Tray Application on Windows (with Linux support available in the near future) that is now able to render ORBX files and process them through the Ethereum Blockchain, assigning RNDR tokens directly to GPU contributors’ crypto-wallets in return for providing their processing power to our platform.

Phase 3A

  • Selected nodes have started to provide their GPU power to the RNDR Network to process predetermined rendering jobs on Ropsten (Ethereum Testnet Environment).


  • In July, after we completed Phase II of our roadmap, the RNDR Network released a Beta Interest survey to help get a picture of GPU supply and demand for the Beta phase of our launch. With the interest we generated, we are able to achieve at least 1.5 Million OctaneBench, which is more GPU compute power than the combined public GPU cloud for rendering.


  • OTOY and RNDR release roadmap updates for 2018 and 2019, which include Octane4 AI-Accelerated rendering, Octane 2018.1, Octane 2019.1 with integration into Unreal Engine 4, and finally, the release of a new cross-platform RNDR SDK with support for Vuklan RTX-Raytracing and Apple Metal (iOS and MacOS).

Genesis Bonus Release

  • The RNDR Network released the bonus to Genesis token holders for completing the bonus form. Process was audited by Zeppelin solutions.

OctaneRender 4 Release

  • The release adds game-changing AI-Acceleration to the industry’s fastest and highest-quality unbiased rendering engine. Octane4 integrates Brigade OTOY’s real-time path tracing engine into OctaneRender and introduces new AI-based lighting and denoising systems — speeding up scene loading and rendering speeds by 10-100x in some scenes.

Highlighted News and Talks:

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