The working person’s trading method detailed. Part 2 Resources.

A list of tools, websites, books, etc. that I have found useful. I will keep the Resources page updated with new links I add. Check there for new entries.

Trading Books (My favorites)

  1. Dave Landry The Layman’s Guide To Trading Stocks
  2. -This is my current top book. If you read only one this would be the one I recommend. My primary method is an amalgamation of multiple methodologies, but his has had the greatest influence on my style.
  3. Jesse Stine Insider Buy Superstocks: The Super Laws of How I Turned $46K into $6.8 Million (14,972%) in 28 Months
  4. -An outstanding book. A little too much life story at the beginning, but Jesse has a fascinating story and a gives a solid description of his trading system. My only complaint is that he does not scan for stocks, I prefer to as it cuts that time spent researching down dramatically if done properly. That is where the Stockbee Episodic Pivots scan fits in perfectly.
  5. William J. O’Neil How to Make Money in Stocks: A Winning System in Good Times and Bad, Fourth Edition
  6. -One of the first trading books I read. Though I don’t utilize much from this book in my trading, I do think it is still a good primer in trading and fundamental analysis.

Other Trading Books

-Many of these I have read or am planning on reading. Never stop learning.

I have read many more than these, but these are probably my top trading books.

Blogs/Informational Websites/Social Media/Podcasts/YouTube

  • Investopedia
     -A great place to learn the basics.
  • Stockbee
     -A wealth of information. Read it all! At a minimum read the top posts. I also have subscribed to his paid site before. It is worth it and inexpensive.
  • Adam Grimes
     -Worth a follow on Stocktwits or Twitter as well. His free trading course is outstanding. I have not gotten around to reading his book yet.
  • Dave Landry
     Twitter: @davelandryTrdr
     -Dave has a very simple but effective methodology. His previously linked book is a must read.
  • Jesse Stine
     Stocktwits: InsiderBuySuperstocks
     Twitter: @InsiderBuySS
     -I highly recommend going to his website and signing up for his friends and family newsletters. They are very informative, though infrequent.
  • Stocktwits and Twitter
     -A lot of “fluff” if you will. Don’t spend a lot of time here. On occasion you can find a solid person to follow that can provide some good information. Go to my stocktwits and see who I follow if you want. Not everyone I follow is great, but a few are.
  • Chat With Traders
     -A solid podcast. I have listened to every one of the first 100 episodes and sporadic episodes after that. Very heavy in quant trader interviews, which is something I am interested in but do not currently have the time for. That has caused me to cut back a bit on listening to it.
  • Trend Following Radio
     -Very good trader interviews and discussion by Michael Covel.
  • Lucky36Luc YouTube
     -When I first started getting interested in trading cryptos I ran across this channel. He trades similar to me so I binge watched all of them. Very good stuff.
  • BATT Bitcoin and Altcoin Trading Talk
     -An very informative Bitcoin podcast
  • Chris Dunn
     -Bitcoin, Trading, and Entrepreneurship


  • Interactive Brokers
     -My only broker for stocks. I have a regular brokerage account with them and a Roth IRA with them. I use them for the low commisions, good fills, good shorts availability, and a pretty good trading platform.
  • TD Ameritrade
     -This was my first broker. Great trading platform, great mobile apps, poor fills, high commissions.
  • Fidelity
     -A good place for retirement accounts if you want the best selection of mutual funds to choose from.
  • Coinbase/GDAX
     -I buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum on GDAX and store/send via Coinbase.
  • Poloniex
     -This is where I do my altcoin trading
  • Bittrex
     -Another alt coin trading platform I use occasionally.
  • Binance
     -An alt coin trading platform I have been using more and more recently.


  • Telechart
     -TC2000 has outstanding scanning features. Does cost $30 a month which may seem expensive, but the time it saves makes it worth it. I save my watch list here. To start out I used to save my watch list. It is the same company.
     -I run the Episodic Pivots scan here as I like having all the data in one place with the chart. A fantastic resource.
  • TradingView
     -The best bitcoin charts outside of Coinigy. I am currently using them, but may switch to Coinigy at some point.
  • Coinigy
     -The best cryptocurrency charts.
  • WSJ After Hours Movers
     -Look for stocks that could be watch list material. I look at stocks up at least 4% with 50k volume.
  • Pre-Market Movers The Stock Market Watch
     -See what is moving in the premarket to find potential watch list stocks. Sift through the stocks with ultra low volume.
  • SwingTradeBot IPO Screener
     -This is my favorite IPO screener.
  • NextBigTrade Stage Analysis Screener
     -This is one of my weekend scans I go through. Look up Weinstein stage analysis, it is a trend following methodology.
  • Bitcoin Checker App
     -For Bitcoin and Alt Coin Alerts

Primary Scans

These are the main scans I am running. Many of these are Telechart PCFs, but could be easily converted to another scanning platform or possibly to FINVIZ though not perfectly. If FINVIZ ever gets the entire market into their system I will switch to them entirely.

  • Episodic Pivots
     c/c1>1.04 and v>3*avgv50.1
     I run this in FINVIZ first and then run the Telechart scan as FINVIZ is missing some IPOs and smaller stocks.
  • TI65
     avgc7/avgc65>=1.05 and minv3.1>=100000
     -A Stockbee Scan. I run this every weekend. It is a momentum scan that looks for stocks whose trailing 7 day average close is 5% or more above the 65 day average close. I look for newer trends.
  • Young Trends TI65
     avgc7/avgc65>=1.05 and AVGC7.20 / AVGC65.20 <= 1.05 and minv3.1>=100000
     -I run this every weekend. It looks for stocks that recently flipped from Bearish TI65 to Bullish TI65.
  • Landry Bowtie Crossover
     (C > AVGC10 AND C10 < AVGC10.10) AND (AVGC10.10 < XAVGC20.10 AND AVGC10 > XAVGC20) AND (XAVGC20.10 < XAVGC30.10 AND XAVGC20 > XAVGC30)
     -I run this every weekend. It looks for the Dave Landry Bowties that have happened in the previous 10 days. I sort this by TI65 and go through the top 20–30.
  • Trend Scan
     -I run this every other weekend. It looks for stocks that have been above the 70 day moving average for the longest period of time. It is a way to measure trend strength.
  • Stage Analysis
     NextBigTrade Stage Analysis Screen
     -I run this every other weekend. I look for stocks moving into stage 2 which is the potential start of a new trend.
  • IPOs
     SwingTradeBot IPO Screener
     -I go through this every weekend. I sort by nearest to high and most recent IPOs and go through the top 10 or so.

This is most of my scans. I did not include my short scans, because I do not short a ton. I do maintain a short watch list, but it is not a huge part of what I do. I will get the shorts scans put up here at a later date.

Non-Trading Books

Other books that were valuable though not trading related:

-I have read many more books than these, but these are the top ones.

Books on my to read list:

My bookmarks

This is my entire list of bookmarks from my trading tab in my Chrome bookmarks. I put this here just in case I missed anything.

Dave Landry — Log in — Stock Screener
 TOPS Annual Income Statement — TOP Ships Inc. Annual Financials
 Late Trading: Price Percentage Gainers & Decliners — Markets Data Center —
 Pre Market | Stock Market Watch
 StockTwits® — Share Ideas & Learn from Passionate Investors & Traders
 YHOO Message Board | Yahoo! Inc. Stock — Yahoo! Finance
 InvestorsHub — NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, OTCBB, Pink Sheet Stock Message Boards, Stock Charts, Stock Quotes, Level II and Market News
 Stock Research & Ideas — Investment Research, Stock Analysis — IBD —


Trading View Coinbase BTCUSD TradingView — free stock charts and quotes online Coinbase 826.23339230 BTC/USDT Market — Poloniex Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Exchange (825.86) Bitfinex — Margin Trading (814.07 USD) Bitstamp — buy and sell bitcoins $824.48 · BTC to USD Bitcoin Exchange | Ethereum Exchange | Litecoin Exchange | GDAX $920.81 Futures — Deribit Bitcoin Futures and Options Exchange doge


The Trader Diaries Stockbee Blog | TraderGrit Scan — The Percolator | The Patient Fisherman stockbee Lasertrader’s Place Wishing Wealth Blog — Stock Market Technical Analysis Trading Learn How to Trade Stocks | The Patient Fisherman Solitary Trader Charts Don’t Lie — Charts Don’t Lie Shanky’s Technical Analysis and Market Commentary Jesse Stine Breadth Indicators | Stock Market System Intermarket Analysis & Business Cycle Investing — David Calloway — Public ChartList — Right Side of the Chart | Stock Trading, Investing, & Market Analysis DecisionPoint — Articles — DecisionPoint Chart Gallery — Pensive Trader How to Look for and Trade Earnings-Related Breakouts | Chart Swing Trader Right Side of the Chart — Stock Trading, Investing, & Market Analysis Public ChartLists — Free Charts — Recommended Stock Market and Swing Trading Blogs Stock Market Insights | Seeking Alpha Next Big Trade — Trading Major Trends In The Markets Blog — Trading Earnings How to Find, Track & Trade Recent IPO Stocks — Medium

CHARTS — Web’s Best Streaming Realtime Stock Charts — Free BABA — SharpCharts Workbench — $INDU — SharpCharts Workbench — — Commodity, stock and forex; quotes, charts & analysis ChartMill.Com | Technical Analysis Stock Screener. STOCKCHARTS

EARNINGS REPORTS Earnings Calendar TOPS Annual Income Statement — TOP Ships Inc. Annual Financials


Investopedia — Educating the world about finance


List of Recent IPOs | How to Find, Track & Trade Recent IPO Stocks — Medium Stock Market Update, IPO profiles, Earnings Call Transcripts, Economic news, company news, Mutual funds profile,Earnings News, Mutual Fund Managers,Industry sectors, Oil and Natural Gas stocks — 123Jump IPO Center — MarketWatch — Renaissance Capital Yahoo! IPOs 2017 IPOs — IPO Boutique — The Premier IPO and Secondaries Advisory


IBD LISTS — Google Sheets Post Earnings Spreadsheet Stock Screening Spreadsheet — Google Sheets


GDPNow — Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta


STOCKCHARTS MOVING AVERAGE LIST STOCKCHARTS BP LIST Market Monitor MM | stockbee $NASI — SharpCharts Workbench — $NAMO — SharpCharts Workbench — $NYSI — SharpCharts Workbench — $NYMO — SharpCharts Workbench — $BPNYA — SharpCharts Workbench — $NYA50R — SharpCharts Workbench — $NYA150R — SharpCharts Workbench — $NYAD — SharpCharts Workbench — $NYHGH — SharpCharts Workbench — CUMULATIVE TICKQ 5DMA $TICKQ — SharpCharts Workbench — $NYHL — SharpCharts Workbench — $SPX — SharpCharts Workbench — $SPX — SharpCharts Workbench — $TRINQ — SharpCharts Workbench — $VIX — SharpCharts Workbench — $VIX — SharpCharts Workbench — $TICKQ — SharpCharts Workbench —


Investment Ideas — Latest Investment Ideas of the Stock Market | Seeking Alpha Business News — Financial News, Stock Market & Investing News — IBD — Breaking Stock Market News | Seeking Alpha MarketWatch — EarningsWatch Financial Juice Earnings Surprises Earnings News and Information on Yahoo! Finance Earnings | Earnings Report Earnings News | Seeking Alpha


Asian Stock Markets — CNNMoney Premarket Stock Trading — CNNMoney Late Trading: Price Percentage Gainers & Decliners — Markets Data Center — After Hours Market Trading — Stock Movers — MarketWatch Pre Market | Stock Market Watch Pre-Market Most Active Stocks — Breaking Business and Economic News — Latest Business News — TheStreet — TheStreet


Earnings Reports — Zacks Investment Research Pre-Market Trading | Premarket Stock Quotes — Movers | Benzinga


Added stuff Copy of ckbergin’s:CORE TRADING USING RELATIVE PERFORMANCE LINES ON THE WEEKLY CHARTS — Google Docs Stockbee BID BACK METHOD The Lost Paul Tudor Jones Video


Technical Analysis Scan Results: Hot IPO Pullback | Scan — The Percolator | The Patient Fisherman Stage Analysis Screener Stock Screener Stock Screener Tool — Zacks Investment Research Stockbee Momentum 50 Summary — Trading Earnings


Stock Markets, Business News, Financials, Earnings — CNBC — Investing — Stocks Yahoo Finance — Business Finance, Stock Market, Quotes, News — Stock Screener Wikinvest-EPS/FUNDAMENTAL INFO Stock Research & Ideas — Investment Research, Stock Analysis — IBD —


Compare two lists, Percent Change Calculator Revealing Meaningful Insider Buying Stockbee POSITION SIZE CALCULATOR Stockbee SCANS USED


How to trade earnings | stockbee How to trade earnings Part 2 | stockbee How to trade earnings Part3 | stockbee What are Episodic Pivots and how to find them | stockbee Improving the odds in earnings breakout | stockbee How to Look for and Trade Earnings-Related Breakouts | Chart Swing Trader Solitary Trader: Why I have begun to concentrate on owning stocks that gap up to new highs on massive volume due to earnings Part I Solitary Trader: Why I have begun to concentrate on owning stocks that gap up to new highs on massive volume due to earnings Part II What to look for in an earnings play | stockbee Big game hunting season starts this week | stockbee


North America and South America Stock Markets — CNNMoney


Stock Screener — Snapshot ta_newhigh IIC 100 InPlay from Canada Business News, Stock Quotes, Personal Finance, Investing Tools & Advice, and The Good Life — Yahoo Finance Canada BoardCentral: Web BuZZ — Top Stocks on Financial Sites Investor Village: Stock Message Boards | Stock Quotes | Market News InvestorsHub — NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, OTCBB, Pink Sheet Stock Message Boards, Stock Charts, Stock Quotes, Level II and Market News Breakpoint Trades — â?¥ MUATHE.COM — Market Analysis â?¥ — Eric Muathe — Public ChartList — The Best MicroCap Investors Online — MicroCapClub NAAIM Exposure Index | The National Association of Active Investment Managers — NAAIM

Working person’s trading method series:

Part 1: Why you should trade.

Part 2: Resources

Part 3: My Trading History and Introduction.

Part 4: An overview of my process.

Part 5: The characteristics of a stock that makes my watch list.

Part 6: Money Management: Finding Buy Points, Setting Stops and Targets, Position Sizing

Part 7: The Weekday Routine and Scans

Part 8: The Weekend Routine and Scans


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