Product Decoded Interview with Aaron Levie, Founder & CEO at Box

Product Decoded Season 1 | Episode 4

Aaron Levie, Co-founder & CEO of Box, shares his story of using asymmetric warfare to beat incumbents to make Box a success, how product leaders can create a disruptive advantage, and how to be your own best customer.

“Finding that wedge — the thing the incumbent isn’t paying attention to but yet is becoming increasingly important is one of the biggest lessons we’ve learned.” — Aaron Levie, Co-founder & CEO at Box

In the fourth episode of Product Decoded podcast, Dan Olsen, product management consultant and author of The Lean Product Playbook, interviews Aaron Levie, Co-founder & CEO of the enterprise cloud company Box. Dan worked with Aaron as a product management consultant in the early days of Box. This interview was recorded live at the Product Leader Summit.

Here are the highlights:

  • The story of Box’s pivot (5:06)
  • How to win at asymmetric warfare (10:14)
  • Build something 10X simpler than the incumbents in your space (13:40)
  • Lessons on living at the intersection of consumer and enterprise (17:37)
  • How to make well-informed product decisions (26:00)
  • The importance of having strong conviction about the world (29:05)

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