Don’t panic! These 8 startups are here to help your newsroom

Are you in need of new ideas about monetisation and collaboration, as well as new ways to engage your audience? Startups for News is here to the rescue, bringing you the latest innovations from the startup world. Meet our 2018 finalists (and our winner!) and adopt their ingenious solutions:

Catarina Falcao
Apr 26, 2018 · 2 min read


More than 750 million people struggle with dyslexia across the globe. 3asyR gives readers with dyslexia a set of tools that helps them read faster and more easily.


Facet is a platform where organisations can quickly establish partnerships and benefit from a shared workspace and tools. It is both an editorial and a management workspace, facilitating the creation and editing of content.


Frames continuously observes the news stream and proactively creates charts — named Frames — that give context to current world events. When journalists write an article, they automatically suggest and insert related Frames.


Grafiti empowers newsrooms with any data skill levels to explore vetted, trusted datasets; create interactive data content; and publish to multiple formats and channels — including video — in a single click.


Jamatto offers publishers the ability to charge small amounts easily, and consumers the ability to make hassle-free small payments.

Poool — (runner-up)

Poool is a dynamic paywall that allows publishers to define the most efficient monetisation and engagement strategies for each reader.


Every day Trendolizer automatically indexes hundreds of thousands of new links from thousands of sources, while constantly measuring their performance. This helps journalists conduct editorial and market research, debunk false stories as they start trending, and uncover mis/disinformation networks.

Vigilant 🏆 WINNER!

Vigilant enables journalists to search and monitor in real time thousands of public records databases — at the local, state, national, and international level.

About Startups for News

Startups for News is an international competition that rewards early-stage startups working on high-impact and daring solutions for the news industry. Every year, GEN, in partnership with, selects the best startups that address newsroom challenges through dynamic and innovative products or services to pitch at the GEN Summit. To learn more about the programme, click here.

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