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In love with Employer Branding
Note from the editor

Hi! I am Marian and I love EMPLOYER BRANDING. With this blog I wanna disrupt traditional views on Employer Branding & Talent Acquisition. Hopefully, I can provoke a dialogue which helps us to become even better in the work we do. I think we should get rid of classical & conservative views! As a teenager I always wanted to become either a journalist for yellow press or a host on Quiz Channels or Shopping TV. Well, Mum said I am special because other kids wanted to be firefighters or teachers. Whatsoever, after my studies I decided for a more serious path and started working in Communications & Marketing. Somehow I ended up in the Berlin Startup scene working in an operational Venture Capital firm and Recruiting. Before I started some people told me "Oh don't do it - Recruiting is a dirty business", but I think more people with no classical HR background should join - it's really great, believe me - I love my job!

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