Tales from the Front

Stories about being a computer science student


“He seems like a really cool guy,” I said, referring to someone who is famous in certain tech circles.

“He seems like a cool guy to me, too,” my friend said. “But then,” he added, “I think most famous tech people are cool.”

“Really?” I said. “I don’t.”

“Okay,” my friend said. “Like who?”

From 0-350 In Three Years

How we’ve taken the Rutgers CS community from non-existent to East Coast powerhouse.

Why Winnie the Pooh reminds me to overcome my impostor syndrome.

This was a hard week. I can’t explain it. I still don’t understand why. Though I think I had one of the worst cases of…


The next evolution of developer evangelism

About six months ago, I competed in a hackathon in New York City. If you’ve been to a hackathon, you already know…

The Ultimate Trust

Giving freedom, gaining respect, and working to give back so much more

Its the first cool day of fall, three weeks into the semester, 6:15pm on a friday night in Panera. And despite the odd normalcy of this day to the rest of the world, today is seemingly special. I have all of my comforts in what is not necessarily a storm, but the beginning…

What you bring to the table, and becoming just that

Reflecting on where I am, where I want to go, and maybe some hints on how to get there

How to Reinforce Impostor Syndrome

September 2012

I originally posted this on September 27, 2012. As part of my migration to Medium, I’m reposting it here, unedited, and using Notes to add commentary from where I stand now, in July 2013.

“You only got that internship because you’re a woman,” P. said. I was floored.

On Technical Entitlement

You know that kid who’s been coding for, well, forever?

By most measures, I should have technical entitlement in spades.


I feel blessed that I am in a discipline where people pick each other up, rather than drag each other down.

In some majors, people tear pages out of textbooks and lie to one another and claw each other to the ground. This is all in the name of the “curve.”

In computer science, we still have a curve. But for some reason, nobody tears pages out of…

The Ladies’ Room

There weren’t many women at Valve. I was reminded of this exactly once.

I should begin by saying that gaming companies aren’t exactly known as places where…

The Moore Mouse

Moore 100 is the beating heart of Penn Computer Science. It is the kind of place that is packed at midnight. It is the kind of place where people will sit on the floor when…

Tales from the Front
Tales from the Front

Stories about being a computer science student

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