TE-FOOD Q3 Progress Report

We collected together all the important events of our progress from July to the end of September:

TE-FOOD partnered with FAO

We are extremely proud to partner with FAO, and take our small part in the efforts to defeat hunger, and achieve food security for all. To be recognized by the leaders shows that the tireless work of blockchain projects will eventually get this industry through the tough times.

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TE-FOOD is a partner of the Sustainable Food Systems Programme of the United Nations

TE-FOOD is accepted to join the United Nations’ Sustainable Food Systems Programme. During the last 6 years, more than 100 partners were accepted to the programme, including organizations like FAO, WWF, UNESCO, University of Oxford, and ministries of several countries (e.g. U.S. Department of Agriculture). The programme includes some corporate partners as well like Barilla and Nestlé.

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Positive opinion on TFD by a major securities commisson

We released the information in an interview with Crypto Rand, that TE-FOOD is the first (and currently the only) token on the world, which received a positive opinion by a major Securities Commission, that the TFD token is not a security.

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Top 10 blockchains

The FoodChain (TE-FOOD’s blockchain) will be launched soon. According to our plans, we will migrate our existing customer base, and become one of the Top 10 blockchains in terms of daily transaction number.

TE-FOOD is selected to join TERRA Food & AgTech Accelerator’s program

After assessing hundreds of applications, TERRA shortlisted 160 startups to pitch their ideas, finally selecting 17 to start pilot projects.

We will participate in a very interesting pilot with a large corporation, a blockchain based traceability use case which nobody has ever done before.

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TE-FOOD will establish tiered masternodes to provide the backbone of its blockchain ledger. The payments for services will be managed by Calories (CAL) a stable token pegged to USD, backed by transaction fees by customers.

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Article about the hostility amongst crypto projects

Many people in crypto think that the domination of a market will be decided amongst crypto projects. We think they are wrong. Crypto projects are not a threat to each other. The real competition is outside crypto. We wrote an article about it:

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TE-FOOD joins the Trace Alliance

There is a common argument amongst crypto enthusiasts, that all blockchain based supply chain solution providers are competitors. We think the real competition comes from elsewhere, and there can be synergies with other crypto companies which make all of us stronger.

This is why we joined the Trace Alliance, started by OriginTrail.

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TE-FOOD partners with TomoChain

While we prepare for our own blockchain to start in autumn 2018, we start thinking about a longer term solution. During the next months, we will examine deeply the technical side, and run tests to see if we can jointly build the TE-FOOD decentralized food traceability ecosystem on TomoChain infrastructure for the long term.

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TE-FOOD partners with QSM to enter Poland

TE-FOOD partners with QSM to offer TE-FOOD’s blockchain based food traceability solution for companies in Poland.

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Soon: Durian traceability on blockchain

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Reality Through the Lens of Data — the Revolution of Digital Transformation in the Agriculture

How farms can achieve 10% profit improvement with TE-FOOD Deep Data Analysis? Interview with Dr. Gabor Pajor, veterinary and IT expert.


GS1 partnership

Erik Arokszallasi, CEO of TE-FOOD was invited as a speaker to the GS1 Traceability Strategy Workshop in Dublin, Ireland.

Interview by Masternode Buzz

Interview by Andi Simon

Interview by Crypto Wendy O

TE-FOOD is the world’s largest publicly accessible, farm-to-table fresh food traceability solution. Started in 2016, it serves 6000+ business customers, and handles 400,000 business transactions each day.

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