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Steve Campbell
Storyteller. Empath. Creator of @TheAscentPub. PSU alum. Before: Got to spend 7 years in NYC hustling for @garyvee. Destined to leave my ✍️ on the 🌎.
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Melissa Berdine
Denver by way of NYC by way of DC. Avid cook, lake bum, activist, cold weather enthusiast.
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The Ascent
A community of storytellers documenting the journey to happiness & fulfillment. Join 67k others making the climb on one of the fastest growing pubs on Medium.
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kate doran
Kate believes growth lies in what we tell ourselves is true. Find more posts at kathleendoran.com and insideoutdecluttering.com. Check out auntyanxiety podcast
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Writing about reality as I perceive it. My controversial topics are rooted in my 18+ years of life in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
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Neil Bussey
‘When I was a …’ |Experience Builder|Dot Connector|Leader|Musician| — Getting exposed to a little bit of everything — Customer Experience at HeyOrca!
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Fernando Aguilar
• • Outputting thoughts as they emerge from inside ••:}
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Ifeanyi Omoike
Words from a girl who was too scared to dream but is living her dream anyway.
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Zachary Forget
CNN Contributor. Live in Mexico. Still learning. Trying to understand life through writing. Sign up for my Curated Medium Newsletter: upscri.be/c36497/
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Nistha Tripathi
Authored NO SHORTCUTS @ startupbookindia.com | Quora TopWriter, Entrepreneur, Quint
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Ryan France
Native Austinite, Super Early Riser, Podcast Junkie / Host, Bulletproof Coffee Drinker, Father of 2 Awesome Kids. → More at: www.RyanFrance.com
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Roland Kovacs
Dreamer, Speaker, Doer — Committed to inspire and empower others, addicted to never-ending learning. Oh! Btw I love to question everything and try crazy stuff.
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Danny Ghitis
Coach in NYC and longtime photojournalist. I feel fulfilled by helping others feel fulfilled. Founder at GroupCoaching.com.
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Nancy Booth
As a lover of God and finding soul refreshment, visit www.mysacredmoments to become fully present and find the sacred moments in life.
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Evan Varsamis
Entrepreneur, Founder / CEO at Gadget Flow Inc, Investor and Advisor at Qrator Ltd, Contributor at Forbes, Inc, and Huffington Post
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Avital Bayer
* Made in London / Living in Israel * WIRED on: Style | Tech/VC | Wellness | Culture | * CEO HiPitched: https://www.hipitched.com/
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Dax Nair
ICT professional. Marketer. Content Creator. Technology, Travel, Food, Squash, Tennis https://rebootsocial.com.
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cotton wool sky
Renaissance woman. Vagabonder. Poet. Introverted truth seeker. Dedicated to finding my place in the world of writing. Feedback appreciated.
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Kalpesh Mange
Writer. Of Code & Poems. Wanderer of the mind. Write letters for people at http://writealetterforme.com
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Tiffany Sun
I’m rebuilding my life by discovering who I am, learning what I’m capable of after a 9 year heartbreak that left me stranded in China. http://misstiffanysun.com
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Janina Aritao
I write about what I don’t want to forget.
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Kaushik Anand
A writer by passion, a business student by profession, a foreigner by outlook. Also, a foodie. :)
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Kick Health offers beta-blocker prescriptions, the insider’s edge to blocking nervous symptoms like a racing heartbeat, shaky hands, or trembly hands.
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Bobby Smyth
I write about business, manufacturing, and more. | President @ AMEND Consulting | www.amendllc.com
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David O.
A unique perspective
Go to the profile of Nibras I
Nibras I
100 words. 100 days. A daily project full of advice to self. Want to ask a question? https://nibras.carrd.co
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Mo Issa
I’m a writer, entrepreneur and a thinker. I write everyday about my thoughts in different ways — fiction, non-fiction and, poetry — http://mo-issa.com
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Catherine Walsh
Write down what hurts, write down what feels good. Just. Write.
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Edward Stanfield
Quora Top Writer, The Ascent, Blasting News, MVP, My Quora Insights, Landing Page Specialist.
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Our work is inspired by humanly actions and positivity. We publish blogs about everything that is a part of our day to day life. www.zealyon.com
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Go to the profile of Paul Roedding Photography
Paul Roedding Photography
An avid birder and nature photographer residing in London, Ontario. See more of my images and blogs at http://paulroeddingphotography.com
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Leandro Ruiz
Freelance Writer & Creative Guy. I write about Self Development, Knowledge, Personal Finances and life in general. Contact: leandruiz07@gmail.com
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Raul Ballesteros
On a mission to help people reach their highest evolution through the art of conscious living.
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Daniel Whalen
My commitment is to honor all people. | danieljwhalen1@gmail.com | www.danieljwhalen.com
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Tammi Trew
Intricately woven.
Go to the profile of Yordi Verkroost
Yordi Verkroost
Developer Jedi, living the Digital World
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Megan Deiger
Megan Deiger, PhD is a writer, musician, researcher, and new mother living in mid-Michigan.
Go to the profile of Curtis Tredway
Curtis Tredway
Reality is negotiable, go make your own path. Personal Growth x Entrepreneurship x Digital Nomad x Social Media Marketing
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Jesse Harless
Trainer, Life and Recovery Coach, Group Empowerment Facilitator, Author, Speaker, M.A. Counseling, Entrepreneur in Recovery, RecoveryFacilitation.com
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Ryan Green
Musician—Psychology Student — Creator—Life Enthusiast
Go to the profile of Max Frenzel
Max Frenzel
Things I’ve read, thoughts I’ve had. AI researcher by day, writer and beatmaker by night. Writing a book on the importance of Time Off: www.timeoffbook.com
Go to the profile of Michael Maupin
Michael Maupin
Writer, editor, and media maker. Blogs at Completely in the Dark (www.completelydark.com) and lives in Saint Paul, MN. I notice things.
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Jaye Lightly
You'll like me once you accept the overwhelming weird. I'm warm-blooded. And cuddly. And venomous. Like a platypus.
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Paul Millerd
The future of work is about doing less work @ www.think-boundless.com
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Jack Martin
Published in @FastCompany, @AppleNews | Editorial manager @MinutesMag | Business Development & Partnerships Coordinator @ Digital Press
Go to the profile of William Ballard, MBA
William Ballard, MBA
CEO | Content Marketing Strategist | Business Coach | Marketing Consultant |Freelance Writer | Author | Entrepreneur | https://linktr.ee/wbenterprise
Go to the profile of David Martin
David Martin
Restless introspective. Perennial learner. Writer. Photographer.
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Nupoor Raj
26. Pragmatic, Ambivert, Epistemiophile. Optometrist by profession, Writer by passion | Poet by a natural flaw | Not a Priest; Not an Atheist.
Go to the profile of Rachael Nunemacher
Rachael Nunemacher
Twitter & Instagram: @rnunemacher
Go to the profile of Bryan J. Narcisse
Bryan J. Narcisse
A storyteller with the desire to transform from a creative to a creator. Former Clemson basketball player and former Harlem Globetrotter. Inspirational leader.
Go to the profile of Hannah Leibson
Hannah Leibson
Curiosity, our greatest superpower. Coffee, our greatest invention. Lover of all things lingual. leibsonh@gmail.com
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Paul Scott Jr
Human. Father. Navy veteran. Author.
Go to the profile of Anna D. Invernizzi
Anna D. Invernizzi
Mother | Entrepreneur | Writer | Passionate lover of life and every facet of the human experience… www.writemyuniverse.co.uk
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Julian Mirijello
Studying business. Interested in psychology. Dabble in poetry.
Go to the profile of Glenna Gill
Glenna Gill
Personal stories about life, love, survival and the pursuit of happiness. Stay in touch with me at www.glennagill.com
Go to the profile of Thanos Antoniou
Thanos Antoniou
Social Weirdo | Grossly Hilarious | Fanatic 9-to-5er | Balancing on the tightrope between the world and the voice inside my head. https://www.thanosantoniou.com
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Andrew Lee Jones
Learning my way through life, In hopes of Encouraging and Inspiring others. @AndrewALJ | Publishous and The Ascent Contributor.
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Sarah Stroh
Digital nomad. Writer of stories on sex, travel, love. See me in motion: facebook.com/nychickinberlin
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Kyle Colman
Learn how to live with a purpose | https://kylecolman.com | IG @kylecolman_ | email me@kylecolman.com
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Go to the profile of Julian Zehr
Julian Zehr
Screenwriter @ Startup
Go to the profile of Jonathan Casey
Jonathan Casey
I am a gay man, living w/ HIV & a recovering addict. I am also an artist, designer & owner of Solid716 & JonathanCaseyStudios. I have been Re-Purposed.
Go to the profile of Emma Moran
Emma Moran
Exploring the intersection of psychology, human behavior, strategy, and design. https://www.sprintwell.com/
Go to the profile of Amy K Stanton
Amy K Stanton
Founder & CEO, Stanton & Company. Co-author of The Feminine Revolution. https://femininerevolutionbook.com/
Go to the profile of Betsy Greenaker
Betsy Greenaker
Greenaker Consulting-https://www.facebook.com/greenakerconsulting, Writer(thefourseasonpen.com)Creative Coach, Freelancer and Book Reviewer
Go to the profile of Ana Dean
Ana Dean
A truth-seeker focused on expression, personal development, and relationships
Go to the profile of Melody Wilding, LMSW
Melody Wilding, LMSW
Workplace success coach for sensitive high-achievers. Professor. Get 3 strategies execs @ Google & Facebook use to control stress melodywilding.com/guide
Go to the profile of Hafsa 💫
Hafsa 💫
Professional procrastinator and aspiring storyteller. Twitter @wydhafsa
Go to the profile of Zulie Rane
Zulie Rane
Lover of writing, mother of cats, drinker of cheap red wine. She/her. Want to make money by writing on Medium? Get my starter kit here: tinyurl.com/y4c43ha7
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Tim Willow
Author of the rebel fish. https://rebelfish.blog A humorous look at life from many different angles.
Go to the profile of Ben Scott
Ben Scott
Founder and CEO of Datum Alloys, Ben is a dedicated innovator in the tech world seeking straightforward solutions for industry needs.
Go to the profile of Jesh Orquina
Jesh Orquina
I write about mental health, relationships, and just life in general.
Go to the profile of Anna Tuson
Anna Tuson
Communications & Editorial Consultant at The Story Communications and Creative Consultancy
Go to the profile of Anita E. Weis
Anita E. Weis
Writer, feminist, traveler. Love tacos, sun, color-coding books. Not so much all-you-can-eat sushi, populism, sports. More: https://tinyletter.com/Anita_E_Weis
Go to the profile of Kevin Horton
Kevin Horton
Believer. Listener. Twin. Contributor for The Ascent, The Writing Cooperative, Publishous, and more. Twitter | @kevnhortn
Go to the profile of ⭐ Dainis Graveris (SexualAlpha)
⭐ Dainis Graveris (SexualAlpha)
Top Writer on Quora | Your #1 Source To Badass Orgasms: https://sexualalpha.com/new-start-here/ (100+ guides)
Go to the profile of Tamara O. Yates
Tamara O. Yates
“Content but not complacent” are my words to live by. I write with a focus on life lessons, personal development, and living a good life. @tamarayates.com
Go to the profile of Emet Baker
Emet Baker
16 | Blogger, Inventor, Investor | Sharing Stories Through A Younger Lens
Go to the profile of Clayton Moulynox
Clayton Moulynox
20 years in tech & business across the globe; Microsoft to startups. Status quo challenger; Starter of stuff; Aussie in Seattle; A Dad; Culture guy @ Auth0.com
Go to the profile of Young Jains of America (YJA)
Young Jains of America (YJA)
YJA is an internationally recognized Jain youth organization built to establish a network for and among youth to share Jain heritage and values. http://yja.org
Go to the profile of Ellis M.
Ellis M.
Looking to retire soon. Check me out: https://www.everydaylifetransformations.com/
Go to the profile of Vera Kobalia
Vera Kobalia
Former Minister of Economy. Current Adviser to Governments (innovation in public sector). Women Advocate.👭Trying to change how girls think about careers.
Go to the profile of Maggie Kaye Unkefer
Maggie Kaye Unkefer
I tell stories about life and science. www.maggieexplores.com
Go to the profile of Kojiro Yuan
Kojiro Yuan
Classical Guitarist, Musician, Artist
Go to the profile of Roland Leth
Roland Leth
iOS & web developer. Blogger about life and tech at https://rolandleth.com. Founder at https://runtimesharks.com.
Go to the profile of Kayli
Queens, NY. Sometimes wanderer. Destigmatizing mental health one overly honest essay at a time. Taking time off Medium to write a book of essays.
Go to the profile of Amanda Dzimianski
Amanda Dzimianski
Christ-follower. Grateful wife. Overwhelmed mom. Writer. Box-breaker. Learner. Listener. Recovering Pharisee.
Go to the profile of Gabriel Márquez
Gabriel Márquez
Human. Minimalist. Engineer.
Go to the profile of Dr. Paulette Sherman
Dr. Paulette Sherman
Psychologist, Relationship coach, author of ‘Facebook Dating: from 1st Date to Soulmate’& ‘Dating from the Inside Out.’ www.DrPauletteSherman.com @kpaulet
Go to the profile of Muammer Hüseyinoğlu
Muammer Hüseyinoğlu
Full time data scientist, part time blogger & illustrator. I empower entrepreneurs and help them achieve their goals.
Go to the profile of Steph Smith
Steph Smith
Head of Pubs @Toptal | Maker eunoia.world, begreat.me, & femake.tech | Remote work | twitter.com/stephsmithio | Read more: http://blog.stephsmith.io
Go to the profile of Steve Klubertanz
Steve Klubertanz
Casual observations of the world around me. Trying to make my mark in the world, bit by bit.
Go to the profile of Heather Wargo
Heather Wargo
Writer+advocate. “Right is right when no one is right, and wrong is wrong when everyone is wrong.” Ven. Fulton Sheen. Published by The Western Journal + more.
Go to the profile of Lawrence Ozeh
Lawrence Ozeh
Writer | Contributor @Medium | Official Game of Thrones addict. 🔰 Contact me — Ozehma@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Caroline de Braganza
Caroline de Braganza
A Wise Old Woman (WOW). Forever Young. Mastering mind and emotion. Exploring the paths of body, mind, spirit and science. Let’s walk together.
Go to the profile of Elaine Kasket
Elaine Kasket
Psychologist, writer, thanatechnology maven. Author of All the Ghosts in the Machine (2019). https://tinyurl.com/yxgxqfuz
Go to the profile of Jodi Cowles
Jodi Cowles
Storyteller | Fiction Lover | Former Cubical Dweller Turned Expat Entrepreneur in Istanbul | Working on my Fourth Novel Because I Must | jodicowles.com
Go to the profile of Pat Lange
Pat Lange
A fan of good stories, good deeds and founder of ingzig.com, an online company that supports and celebrates the unadorned art of Everyday Earnest Effort
Go to the profile of Leo Lien
Leo Lien
I dedicate 30 minutes every day to better myself. My blog: leolien.co.
Go to the profile of Reese Harper
Reese Harper
Writing about exploring sex and dating in LA. This is where I publish things I can't show my mother. *often NSFW*
Go to the profile of Noelle Moss
Noelle Moss
I’m all of the things.
Go to the profile of J.J. Starr
J.J. Starr
Pleaching my poet self with the rest of me.
Go to the profile of Lee Haney
Lee Haney
Supporting builders @greylockVC
Go to the profile of Maor Ofek
Maor Ofek
Growth Marketing enthusiast | Growth Manager at I.AM+
Go to the profile of Valentine Nnebe
Valentine Nnebe
I‘m unduly attached to a confident pen. I feel its slender pipe, drain its ink, grove on its strokes then praise the results. The unnatural life of a writer.
Go to the profile of Terrell McKinney
Terrell McKinney
Guy traveling South America from the south side of Chicago. Harvey World 🌍
Go to the profile of Mayank Batavia
Mayank Batavia
Interested in AI, data privacy and our next-door dragon. Teach/Taught math. Love smart puzzles that I can’t solve, which means most. Run blog www.almostism.com
Go to the profile of Karen karen
Karen karen
Urban Pax. Writer, avid traveler, single mamma of teens, love pink sunsets and just sharing life, https://urbanpax.com / instagram.com/urbanpax
Go to the profile of Amy Bowen
Amy Bowen
Mom of two strong-willed children; lawyer by day still searching for "what to do with my life" by night. Blog at thecleancareer.com/blog
Go to the profile of Alyssa DeNora
Alyssa DeNora
Jersey-based reader & writer
Go to the profile of Elizabeth Collins
Elizabeth Collins
Health, psychology, current events, politics, cats, tech… as of May 2019, suicide prevention & mental health are extra important to me.
Go to the profile of Sherry McGuinn
Sherry McGuinn
Long-time writer and big-time dreamer. Screenwriter. Cat mama. Red lip aficionado.
Go to the profile of Maria Rose
Maria Rose
Maria Rose is a designer, author, audio narrator. mariarosedoeseverything.com
Go to the profile of Caroline P.
Caroline P.
Welcome to my creative outlet. Toronto, ON
Go to the profile of Ethan Hawley
Ethan Hawley
Pursuing opportunities without regard to resources currently controlled.
Go to the profile of Benek Lisefski
Benek Lisefski
Interactive art director & UX/UI designer. Writing about business & freelancing for indie designers & creatives - https://solowork.co
Go to the profile of Cynthia Marinakos
Cynthia Marinakos
I teach solo businesses how to tell their brand stories with purpose, passion, and personality. Contributer: The Mission, The Startup, The Writing Coop.
Go to the profile of Kasia Czyrlyn
Kasia Czyrlyn
Nomadic Jewish INFP with a passion for writing about travel, relationships, and more. Superpower: I can eat a whole batch of cookie dough all by myself.
Go to the profile of Marie Eberle
Marie Eberle
Coffee fanatic, film enthusiast, book lover. Writing about women and culture.
Go to the profile of Omer Matityahu
Omer Matityahu
Twenty years of entrepreneurial and business experience, an expert in retail technology, retail analytics, retail operations and execution, loss prev
Go to the profile of Aaron Kara
Aaron Kara
Writer/actor/poet/idiot. Trying to provide light-hearted content and the occasional serious poem about life and stuff, but mostly stuff
Go to the profile of Clare Loewenthal
Clare Loewenthal
I write about business to pay the bills and about everything else to seek meaning and truth.
Go to the profile of Amrita Preet Poptani
Amrita Preet Poptani
Whispers, heartbeat thudding like drum beats, phosphenes in your vision - must be my entrance (not this confident irl, mum told me to fake it till I make it).
Go to the profile of Arun Rafi
Arun Rafi
Standing outside my comfort zone and making things happen. I eat books. Find zen in watering plants, walking dogs and long walks. An offline person.
Go to the profile of Jill MH Taber
Jill MH Taber
Believer. Wife. Mother. Writer. Reader. Editor.
Go to the profile of Leigh Shulman
Leigh Shulman
Mom, #writer, mentor. Because it’s time to tell your story. http://leighshulman.com
Go to the profile of Yogi Arief Putra
Yogi Arief Putra
Never Stop Learning. Self Improvement. Learning Geek. Dots Connector
Go to the profile of Brooke Murphey
Brooke Murphey
Essayist and fiction writer.
Go to the profile of Geek Stradamus
Geek Stradamus
Geek to the core, a fan of all things Marvel,Star Wars, love gaming, seeker of simple life.
Go to the profile of Estacious(Charles White)
Estacious(Charles White)
I write about a little of everything. I am an award-winning playwright. I teach incarcerated children to fulfill their potential to write a better life.
Go to the profile of Octopus Wealth
Octopus Wealth
Insights and updates from Octopus Wealth HQ. Covering finance, tech, culture & more…
Go to the profile of Kamga Tchassa
Kamga Tchassa
I do a lot of things — they all involve some form of storytelling. Find them here: https://linktr.ee/tchassakamga
Go to the profile of Anna Klawitter
Anna Klawitter
www.developingworth.com Take control of who you are and know why it matters.
Go to the profile of Nathan Sexten
Nathan Sexten
at peace | still searching | Twitter: @NathanSexten | patreon.com/NathanSexten | facebook.com/NathanSexten
Go to the profile of Martha Himes
Martha Himes
Freelance writer and odd thinker.
Go to the profile of Vishnu*s Virtues
Vishnu*s Virtues
Simple ideas to get unstuck, get motivated from the inside out and move towards the life you want. Amazon books → http://amzn.to/2s4ukiL
Go to the profile of Sera Maddingly
Sera Maddingly
Author | Japanophile | Corgi Lover. Visit me at seramaddingly.com. I write my truth. I write my pain. I write whatever pokes at my mind, including fiction. ❤
Go to the profile of Brian Leekley
Brian Leekley
I'm retired from an antiquarian bookseller career. My avocation is creative writing. In October 2018, I moved from Kalamazoo, MI to Bainbridge Island, WA.
Go to the profile of Hannah Moore
Hannah Moore
Hi, I like writing about and researching informative topics. FB: https://www.facebook.com/Hannahs-Blog-2403654886325260/ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/hannah
Go to the profile of Jeremy Divinity
Jeremy Divinity
Brand Marketer | Digital Strategist | Writer — Born in Los Angeles, educated in Arizona, elevated in New York.
Go to the profile of Ujjwal Likhar
Ujjwal Likhar
I write, I learn, I express, I experience, I’m life, the universe, I’m love💫. Just travelling towards infinity. Just scroll down to join the journey!
Go to the profile of Khushnoor Adrianvala
Go to the profile of Eric Pierce
Eric Pierce
Chronicler and guide to realms fantastic. Find me on twitter (@ew_pierce) or http://piercewrites.wordpress.com
Go to the profile of Phillip Morina
Phillip Morina
Marriage and Family Therapist | Owner of www.MorinaCounseling.com | Passionate about relationships & Mental Health | www.instagram.com/phillipmorinatherapy/
Go to the profile of Laura Mohsene
Laura Mohsene
I am the Other Dr. Laura: Writer, Reader, Critical Thinker. theotherdr.laura@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Marcus Falcore
Marcus Falcore
Writer and reader of short fiction and essays.
Go to the profile of Gregory Alan
Gregory Alan
Gregory is based out of Denver, CO. His interests are personal growth, Christianity, fitness, politics, history and hiking.
Go to the profile of Neeraj Dana
Neeraj Dana
A Passionate developer with 6 years of hands-on experience and a man behind Smartcodehub Visit https://blog.smartcodehub.com
Go to the profile of Lynda Dietz
Lynda Dietz
Copyeditor. Grammar thug in the nicest, kindest way. I’m not scary, even for an editor. Find me at easyreaderediting.com
Go to the profile of Jade Eby
Jade Eby
#ladyboss of Purrfect Consulting by day • Novelist and Certified Trauma Recovery Coach by night • Professional cat-herder all the time
Go to the profile of Nikki Kay
Nikki Kay
Teacher. Learner. Mom. Storyteller. Idealist. Dog person. Writing all over the Venn diagram of parenting, mental health, self, and humor.
Go to the profile of Jo Ann Harris
Jo Ann Harris
Love writing about my personal ideas and helping others with life issues. Writer for Dead Poets Live, Creative Humans and Poems from the Heart. Write everyday.
Go to the profile of The Storm
The Storm
Post-doc researcher and gluten-free volunteer. Love the sense of belonging and walking outside my comfort zone.
Go to the profile of Jamie Thorne
Jamie Thorne
Teacher, observer and documenter of the world around me — https://navigatehk.com/
Go to the profile of Kayla Lane Freeman
Kayla Lane Freeman
A curious woman.
Go to the profile of Ignacio Zambello
Ignacio Zambello
Call me Nacho. Argentinian in London. I love sports, lifestyle, music, writing. I try to mix them all in texts. English and Spanish. Visit me www.izambello.com
Go to the profile of Elle Beau
Elle Beau
Obsessed with the dominance hierarchy, but also writes about polyamory and the places where sex meets society. SensualEnchantment@gmail.com Twitter @ElleBeau
Go to the profile of Maria Angel Ferrero
Maria Angel Ferrero
Startups Mentor, Professor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, writer 4 @thestartup blog: miss-startup.com Instagram @miss.startup Twitter @mangelferrero
Go to the profile of Regina Angelica Lawrence
Go to the profile of Mark C. Titi
Go to the profile of Charles Choueiri
Charles Choueiri
Human Be-ing. Life Doer. Agent of Hype. Consciousness Explorer. Everyday Pilgrim. Mindfulness Researcher.
Go to the profile of Jorn Veenstra
Jorn Veenstra
Empowering people. Creating new perspective. Providing guidance in the chaos we call life. Check out my new page: madperspective.com
Go to the profile of Mathilde Collin
Mathilde Collin
LEGO builder. Co-founder & CEO @ Front (frontapp.com)
Go to the profile of Dave Zill
Dave Zill
I’m a writer trapped inside a middle-aged geotechnical salesman’s body. I don’t mind, I love what I do.
Go to the profile of Maliha IntheTrenches
Maliha IntheTrenches
Life lessons and anecdotes from someone who’s still figuring shit out…
Go to the profile of Zachary Duncan
Zachary Duncan
CMO of @VoiciSkills, love marketing, leadership, culture and writing about it!
Go to the profile of Lauralnstewart
Go to the profile of Joe Wolff
Joe Wolff
Author, blogger, freelancer, educator. My first novel, “Temporium,” drops on 9/23! Follow the journey on IG: @joewolffwrites
Go to the profile of Sharon Kinsella
Sharon Kinsella
Reader, Writer, Mother. Learning life’s lessons one story at a time.
Go to the profile of Ricky Derisz
Ricky Derisz
Writer (obviously) & coach. My passion is improving mental health by transcending ego & integrating spirituality into daily life. More at www.mindthatego.com.
Go to the profile of Bianca Bass
Bianca Bass
Senior marketing leader sharing musings on careers, creativity and being human.
Go to the profile of Emiie Rabitoy
Emiie Rabitoy
Emiie Rabitoy is an author assistant who writes about book marketing, advice for authors and the struggles and triumphs of entrepreneurship
Go to the profile of Bapusaheb Patil
Bapusaheb Patil
I write stuff. I make apps, watchfaces and memes. Not necessarily in that order. Website: www.bapspatil.com
Go to the profile of Pamela Edwards
Pamela Edwards
Irrationally hopeful. Foolishly hardy.
Go to the profile of Thomas Davis
Thomas Davis
Writer, motivational blogger, self-development,deep thinker, storyteller
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Wong Zi Shuen
The most important knowledge you need to succeed in life, summarized in point forms.
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Kieran Manani
Documenting the transition from content consumer to creator.
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Xuyen Nguyen
Doing my best to understand the world we live in.
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Aliya Dossa
Product manager @Segment. Passionate about economics, philosophy, and social justice. www.aliyadossa.com
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Roz Warren
Roz Warren (https://muckrack.com/roz-warren) writes for everyone from the New York Times to the Funny Times.
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Discussing the all important gap between Media and Reality
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Joey Wakeman
I write to make you question everything. The more controversial, the merrier.
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Natasha Kuzyk
Making connections across disciplines is my exigence.
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Music & Basketball. I like birds too. Supposedly becoming an engineer
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Victoria Zelvin
Freelance and speculative fiction writer, as well as a lifelong book, video game, and movie hoarder. www.victoriazelvin.com
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Sophia An
Writer, artist, book lover. Shakespeare said “look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under it.” Someone help me be the flower.
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Andriy Grushetsky
an enthusiast of plant-based nutrition
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Rhea Anglesey
Thinker, Learner, Writer. I like helping others through my writing. An educator by profession, a writer at heart.
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Dr. Kevin Gazzara
CEO of Magna Leadership Solutions, Wizard of Leadership, Executive Coach, Management Expert, Professor, Speaker, and Author. Contact: Kevin@Magnaleadership.com
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James D. R.
Musician, Writer, Construction Worker, Psychology Student