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Co-Digressors Mark C. Marino & Talan Memmott Making Fake News

Here is the list of assignments & readings from UnderAcademy College Course: How to Write and Read Fake News: Journullism in the Age of Trump. Co-Digressors Talan Memmott and Mark C. Marino, first taught Jan 20th-Feb 10, 2017. The course had about 142 registered users, with 90 subscribing to the listserv. For more information, see this article in Slingshot. Also, see these real news articles in EdSurge, Seeker, & The College Fix.

Reading List

Fake News Course Reading List

Course Publications:

Students were encouraged to post articles regularly in one of our three course organs.

CTRL-ALT-RIGHT: our right-wing tabloid.
West of Knob Lick: Our left-leaning broadsheet.
The Trumpet Blow Institute: A think tank where journullists published fake studies to support their fake news posts.


Intro: UnderAcademy Launches New Course Fake News

How to Fake News (video)

Notes on Journihilistic DisIntegrity

Fake News, a look back and I made you look
* Timeline & Typology of Fake News

Twitter Bots Making: Tiny Flashing Thumbs: How to Bot your way to Fake News Success by Zach Whalen

Introduction to Photoshafting: First Lesson in Photographic Manipulation

Ill-Legalities: Fake News Ask Me (Just About) Anything — with a REAL Lawyer with Andy Bouvier-Brown

My professor gave a lecture on Fake News & I can’t tell if he’s kidding by Clish MacLaver

Fake News: Looking Left & Right

Fake News Press Conferences


Inaugural Redress: Jive Tweeting 
(The class Tweets from Inauguration Day)

Fake it, don’t break it!

Missed it by THAT much!

Twitter Headline Challenge

Growing the Weeds

Post-Fact Checking. It’s fun!

Fake News. It’s Generational.

Fake News, Like it up!

Say it Ain’t So!

Interview Schminterview

Bespoke News (aka Postitution)

(Mostly Fake) Course Evals