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The Future is Electric is the house journal of TFIE Strategy Inc, a firm which assists global clients to future proof themselves in our rapidly changing world of business and technical innovation, and geopolitical and climate disruption.
Note from the editor

Welcome to TFIE, a publication devoted to our electric future. The world is solving the problems we’ve created and TFIE is devoted to exploring what works and what doesn’t. It is fact-based, referenced and engaging. Follow TFIE on Facebook and Twitter. TFIE accepts the science of climate change and is committed to civil discussions; comments which violate these principles won’t pass moderation.

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Michael Barnard
Chief Strategist, TFIE Strategy Inc. Business and technical future-proofing. Top Writer Quora since 2013. CleanTechnica, Forbes, Quartz+ more. In 4 books.
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Raj Kotecha
from mindfulness to mental models, I search for better ways to figure things out - http://demuddled.com
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Ryan Westerdahl
Engineering the future by day, also hiking and surfing by day…