TIS Weekly (#63): Sports: Wearables, Internet Of Things And Artificial Intelligence

[August 21st, 2016]

In the past few weeks we’ve seen a lot of wearables and connected sports equipment in swimming, basketball, tennis,American football, cycling, surfing and even equestrian sports! Mounir Zok will help shine some light on these developments in terms of athletic performance. Furthermore, we’ll show you one more incredible new wearable with AI..!

A quick history lesson

Mounir Zok is Director of Technology & Innovation for one of the most ambitious sports teams out there: Team USA. He takes us through some defining moments in sports innovation and explains how wearables and I.o.T. have changed — and will change — athletic performance. 
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A(I) personal trainer

From designing wearables for NASA to wearables for the consumer — LifeBEAM is doing it both. Watch this video and find out why this company’s Kickstarter campaign was so successful (1.6 million dollars!).

Summer silliness!

Promoting this service with ‘The answer to all your prayers,’ is blowing things a bit out of proportions, but then again why wouldn’t you want a drone bringing a pinata to your doorstep?!

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