TIS Weekly (#64): The Future Of Sports

[August 28th, 2016]

If there’s one thing we can conclude from Sports month, it’s this: the future of sports is bright! We’ve seen a lot of record breaking tech pass by and it was hard to make a choice, but here’s our selection of this month’s best videos — the videos that made us go ‘WOW’.
Up next month: Fashion.

Theme | SPORTS
Top level tennis tracker

Babolat PLAY is the world’s first connected tennis racket and has very accurate sensors in the handle that record information about a player’s game. The information recorded can later be transferred to smartphones or laptops. Let’s PLAY!

Theme | SPORTS
A very rewarding football

Uncharted Play is using sports and play to empower people. By kicking a soccer ball around the ball will charge itself, energy which later can be used as an off-grid power source..

Theme | Sports
Powerful stuff!

We cannot wrap our heads around this: D3O’s smart material is engineered to be soft and flexible in standard conditions, but will change to a solid form on impact! The possibilities and applications of this blindingly orange material are endless, as it can keep many athletes, motorcyclists and soldiers safe.

Theme | Sports
Empowering the blind

We can say a lot about this video, but you just have to look yourself. Okay, one thing: it will change the upcoming Paralympics. Well done, Samsung!

Theme | Sports
Mixed Reality Golf

We’re positive we haven’t seen half of what Microsoft’s HoloLens can do. Here’s another application: use it for golf analytics and fan engagement! In only 8 weeks the designers at Taqtile have come up with an interactive golf course that shows collected data from pro players.
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