The Only Woman in the Room

What it’s like to be outnumbered, and what we can do about it.

On Being a Woman in Farming

Robert Sinskey Vineyards’ head farmer talks about her job, her gender, and the challenges each present.

By Debby Zygielbaum

Fighting For the Only Woman in the Room

Why equality in competition is all I want. 

It was my first week at a new job.

The job involved helping people troubleshoot minor technical problems. I was excited to get in there and learn but more so to help people who encountered problems that I was confident about solving and had certainly…

What it’s Like to Be the Only Female Comedian in the Room

Amy York Rubin on identity expectations, striking out on her own, and the gender politics of comedy. 

The Only Girl on the Field

How baseball broke my heart…and then restored it.

I learned to play baseball when I was a little kid. We lived nextdoor to a factory…

I feel awkward laughing at your wife

Trips to the pub after work with male colleagues: all good natured fun until they drag out the balls and chains. Good job we’re…

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Coding

From the outside, it would appear I was on the textbook path of programming…

Man on the Metro: A Valentine’s Day Love Story

& Craigslist Missed Connection

MONTREAL — I met you last Sunday at 5:45 a.m. on the green line, somewhere between Saint-Laurent and Verdun. You were seated four rows up from me, wearing intentionally ripped jeans and a shirt that read FBI: Female Body Inspector. You had a fake diamond stud in your left ear, and dark…

The Lego Movie with a Feminist Aftertaste

A cleverly hilarious film, yet am I seeing sexism everywhere?

Writing purple women

(or formulating fascinating females)

Let me explain.

I’ve wanted for a while to write something about creating “strong female…

Women Are Taking Back Beer

Ladies used to dominate the beer brewing game — then men stole it away

Men and beer have gone together for ages. Beer is crafted…

Why she pulls the trigger

Thoughts on Islamic women suicide bombers

In the days leading up to the Olympic Games in Sochi, the tension level in Russia rose due to…

The Year I Didn’t Retweet Men

Being mindful about whose voices I amplify.

In its early days, Twitter used to have a suggested user list, people whose Twitter…

Alone in a Room Full of Science Writers

On being the only Indian woman at a science writers’ conference.

Nina Totenberg: What It Was Like To Be the Only Woman In the Newsroom

“It’s really simple. They just ignored me”

This Is What It’s Like To Be a Woman at a Bitcoin Meet-up

The other night my good friend and fellow cryptoenthusiast Ryan Shea suggested we head to a new Bitcoin meet-up neither of us…

What It’s Like to Be a Queen Bee

Being ruler of the hive is not as glamorous as it sounds.

Queen bees have a mixed reputation. Pop culture imagines them as…

I’m a Girl and I Want the Boy Toy

Exploring the Happy Meal gender gap

Every afternoon, my mom diligently picked me up after school and asked me what I wanted to…

What It’s Like To Be The Only Female Electronic Engineering Student in the Room

How I learned to move beyond anxiety, nervousness, and self-doubt.

Meet Kayla Iacovino, Volcanologist

What it’s like to be the only female volcano-scientist trekking through North Korea.

The Only Girl in the Skate Park

What it was like skating with the boys

It began at the Chicago mall where they filmed Weird Science. I spotted this hot pink…

The Only Woman in the Room
The Only Woman in the Room

What it’s like to be outnumbered, and what we can do about it.

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