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The Monero Moon is a curated weekly newsletter regarding all things Monero.

February 10th 2022

Development, Releases, and Technology

At the end of January there was a Monero Dev meeting held to coordinate plans for the next network upgrade ‘Fluorine Fermi’. The goal of the meeting was to assess readiness for the upgrade and to discuss the status of associated pull requests. carrington1859 provided a succinct summary of the meeting. In the next network upgrade ring sizes will be increased from 11 to 16, Bulletproof+ is being incorporated, and View Tags are ready pending some final tweaks are reviews. Check out carrington1859’s summary here. Full logs of the dev meeting can be found here.

Morpheus, creator of, highlighted that Monero’s annualized inflation just crossed below the 1% line, standing at 0.99%, while the real inflation is in fact lower, since the decreasing rate means it represents 0.90% for the next 365 days.

UnstoppableSwap are proud to announce that the first alpha version of their GUI is out. It allows anyone to perform an atomic swap, withdraw funds from the internal wallet, compare swap providers, and view their past swap history — all without having to use the terminal. For now, though, it’s limited to testnet until enough people have tried it and they deem it safe enough to use on mainnet. Check out this post for more information.

As pointed out by Febos, over 20 million transactions have taken place on the Monero network! Here’s to 20 million more!

Additionally, Febos shared an image showing the yearly growth of Monero transactions.

The mining pool continues to harness a large majority of XMR hashrate. At the time of writing, currently has ~44% of known hashrate. Miners are urged to stop mining to in order to ensure and build a decentralised global network. A list of alternate mining pools can be found at

The brilliant mathematicians at Sieve are securing the Monero network by having 16 phones running XMRig for Android. Check out the Sieve website here. Unlike Bitcoin, Monero is ASIC-resistant and can be mined on almost any old hardware you have laying around.

SomeAncap2020 announced that they’re mining almost 24/7 on p2pool, and recommends others should give it a try. They claim they can still use the computer with no noticeable slowdown (mining on 4/6 cores). The Monero Moon also urges others to help secure the Monero network if you have the resources available.

Unkn8wn69 shared a guide on How to run a Monero full node on Tails. Check it out here and give it a try.

Justin Berman submitted the final update to his first CCS working full-time on Monero with a highlight being his work updating openmonero’s decoy selection algorithm to use the correct distribution. Check it out here!

Seth Simmons wrote an article for titled View Tags: How One Byte Will Reduce Monero Wallet Sync Times by 40%+. In short, view tags allow wallets to save time when syncing by only performing the most consuming verification on those transactions that have a view tag that their wallet knows about. Read the article here, or check out this easy to digest Twitter thread below to learn more.

There has been recent discussion regarding the Pros and cons of Monero’s potential Seraphis Protocol Upgrade. Check out this post here on monero.stackexchange for more information.

Cake Wallet have provided an update to their wallets v1.0.4 and Cake Wallet v4.3.8. Be sure to update and check out this post for more information!

Comit-Network are sadly looking for a maintainer for their XMR/BTC atomic swap project, as they don’t have the capacity for maintaining the project. As stated on their website, “If you love the XMR-BTC swap tool, have some Rust knowledge and are willing to step up please reach out for becoming a maintainer. It’d be great if community members could step in to keep this project alive. Unfortunately, we currently don’t have the capacity.”

General News

There is a Community Workgroup Meeting scheduled for 13 February 2022 at 1600 UTC. Get on IRC and check it out! More information can be found here.

Additionally, there is a MoneroKon 2022 Planning Meeting happening on Sunday 13th February 2022 at18:00 UTC. Check out this post for more information.

The Monero Talk team published a new video called The Robin Hood Of Wall Street finds Monero: with Gregory Mannarino. Watch it here or below.

Monero Talk — The Robin Hood Of Wall Street finds Monero: with Gregory Mannarino.

Revuo Monero Issue 106 was recently published. Read it here to stay up to date with all your Monero news.

The US Department of Justice announced that federal officials seized some $3.6 billion worth of Bitcoin tied to the 2016 hack of the crypto exchange Bitfinex. Monero was mentioned in the DOJ’s report as tool that was used to help launder funds. Xenu provided a great ELI5 Twitter thread explaining this in more detail.

A tweet from Xenu’s Twitter thread

Long time and respected Bitcoin maximalist John Carvalho took to Twitter admitting that ‘Bitcoin is infungible’.

Mental Outlaw shared a video that mentions Monero. It is titled US Government Wants to Ban Crypto Used for “Money Laundering” and can be watched below.

Exchanges and Merchants

Exodus Wallet announced that they will be supporting Monero on Trezor hardware wallets by the end of June 2022. Check out their post below.

Monero is being increasingly used with the service. In January 2022 almost 20% of sales were made with XMR, up from 12% in December 2021.

Community Crowdfunding

The organisers of the MoneroKon 2022 conference are still seeking funding and are approximately 87% funded. This is a great initiative so lend them some support over on the CCS page here. Additional information can be found here and here.

Monero developer mj has put forward a proposal for March 2022 to continue their work on Monero. Check it out here.

Haveno’s CCS proposal for the development of their user interface was recently closed after extensive community discussion. Check out the discussion here.

Lovera shared an update for all his work producing Spanish speaking Monero content. Check out his update here.

Additionally, netrik182 provided a CCS report as translation coordinator. Check it out here.

Trading & Speculation

rlm42 is predicting XMR/USD to form a Cup and Handle chart pattern, leading to a 400% rise in price.


Total Monero in Circulation — 18,076,503 XMR

Monero Total Marketcap — $3,301,866,267

XMR/USD Price — $182 USD

XMR/USD 4hr chart on Kraken

XMR/BTC Price — 0.00416 BTC

XMR/BTC 4hr chart on Kraken Street Price — $215 USD

Average Transaction Fee — 0.00014 XMR ($0.025)

Hashrate — 3.137 Ghash/s

Monero Mining Pools Hashrate Distribution



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