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Welcome to Thortspace Premium !

Congratulations and welcome ! Thank you for joining in ! You’ve subscribed to Thortspace Premium ! … And now what ?

I have written a number of articles and pages that list the benefits of Thortspace Premium Services, but I realise I have not as yet provided an article that in one place elucidates these benefits.

So in this article I am going to take the Thortspace Premium Service benefits that are listed in the second half of the article linked below, and for each benefit provide some introductory information on how to get started in taking advantage of that benefit.

Thortspace services are Powered by Google App Engine

Thortspace Premium and Free services run on Google App Engine and your sphere data is stored on Google’s Cloud Data storage. Your data is as secure on our service as it is on any of Google’s native services.

Why use Thortspace Premium Services?

Fundamentally, Thortspace Premium Services enables you to do 3 things:

  • Share and Collaborate on spheres in real-time and asynchronously. Resolve differences of opinion with grace and ease. Establish a shared understanding of your project across your entire team.
  • Synchronise and Backup: Synchronise your thortspace work across all your desktops and devices and backup everything you do in thortspace with zero setup.
  • Publish Spheres and Journeys to the web.

In the rest of this article, I provide some elucidation of how to take advantage of each of these three main benefits.

As an aside, some additional benefits of Premium subscription are:
Full-text search of all the sphere content of all the spheres you have created. If you are a logged-in Premium subscriber, the Search tab inside your app automatically switches across to doing full-text search of the content of all your spheres. For non-subscribers, keyword searching for spheres only searches through the titles (ie. the names) of the spheres in your local cache directory.
Integrated internet picture search. If you are a logged-in Premium subscriber, the Pictures tab on the right-side tab panel provides an additional filter option which allows you to search for pictures from all over the internet and use them on your spheres. This service is provided by an integrating with Bing Image Search provided by Microsoft Azure cloud services.

1. Share and Collaborate (and Merge!)

Thortspace Premium Services enables you to share and collaborate in real-time or asynchronously (and even offline!) with users across multiple platforms. Before you can collaborate on a sphere, you will need to share that sphere with one or more collaborators. You can share spheres with others in three ways: 
a) via a URL 
b) via email address
c) by integrating your thortspace account with your facebook account

More about collaboration in thortspace is here:

Another similar article is here:

2. Synchronise and Back Up

Synchronise and back up all your sphere data across all your devices and platforms (iOS and Android devices and Windows, Mac and Linux desktops). Online or offline, work seamlessly between your home, your office and out in the wilderness. Backup all your Thortspace data with zero setup. Sleep easily! All your great ideas are being kept safe for you, ready for you to return to them any time you want.

The great thing about the sync and backup aspects of Thortspace Premium Service is there is nothing you need to do about them. Once you have logged in to Thortspace Premium Service on any given device or desktop, all your Thortspace spheres are now available on that device, and get automatically backed up to Google’s cloud services infrastructure.

3. Publish Spheres and Journeys to the Web

Publish spheres to the web, so that anyone can view them. Some ideas are just too good to want to keep them to yourself. Thortspace Premium Service will help you to share your vision with the world. Click below to see an example of a Journey through Thortspace, published to the web. Go on a journey into Thortspace.

Go on a journey into thortspace.

Below is a series of articles which describe how to publish spheres and journey’s to the web:



How to create and publish Journeys, parts 1, 2 and 3 …

Thortspace documentation gateway page is here:

We do all we can to serve all our customers to the best of our ability. If you have any problems you can contact or use any of the communication channels listed on this page:

Finally just to say you can cancel your subscription (from the renewal date) at any time with a single click on your My Account page. See the following article for details:

Andrew is a Product Designer at Thortspace, a software development firm that works with clients to generate transformational insight. More stories here.