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Getting started

(1) How to … start out in thortspace
(2) How to … use “Do” mode
(3) How to … Log in to Thortspace Online Services
(4) How to … apply Categories to thorts in Thortspace
(5) How to … customise your Thortspace spheres using the Themes tab
(6) How to … apply Pictures to thorts
(7) How to … use the Search tab in Thortspace to find and link related spheres
(8) How to … store the same set of thorts in multiple alternative Arrangements and switch effortlessly between them
(9) How to … use Explore mode
(10) How to … Present and Publish the thinking you’ve created in Thortspace (Part 1)
(11) How to … use the Share tab to Collaborate on Thortspace spheres
(12) How to … use the History tab
(13) How to … Link and Embed Thortspace spheres
(14) How to … take advantage of Drag-and-Drop into Thortspace
(15) How to … take advantage of Copy and Paste in Thortspace
Naming of parts

Public Spheres and Journeys lists

Examples of using Thortspace

Upgrades and New Features


Issues with Getting Started

Registration, Login, Subscibing, Cancelling, and Connecting Facebook

More information on Basic Functionality

Managing Thorts

Linking spheres and Embedding Spheres

Deleting Things and Getting them Back

Sharing and collaboration

Web links and URLs

Presenting and Publishing

Trouble shooting

Prof. Dasaratha Rama, F.I.U.

Dr. Jamie Schwandt (Ed.D.)

Jane Tyson

User questions

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