Press Release — Worldwide Extraterrestrial Disclosure

The Disclosure Activists Launch an International Effort for Acknowledgement Of The Extraterrestrial Presence Engaging Human Race

Dr. Lisa Galarneau
Jan 26, 2017 · 2 min read

Building upon the work of Paradigm Research Group/PRG International, Activist Group Petitions Fifty Government and Media Organizations For Extraterrestrial Disclosure.

There has never been a more important issue at such a crucial time in humanity’s development.

Update February 24th, 2017: With NASA’s recent announcement regarding seven potentially habitable planets orbiting a nearby star, Disclosure has never been more important. We are increasing our efforts with the formation of a Strategic Alliance Council, including expert leaders in the UFO/UAP, exoconsciousness, and Disclosure activism arena. Members include Alan Steinfeld, Dr. Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, Chad Laibly, Greg Black, Ashley Dickout, and Dr. Joseph Burkes, as well as Russell Calka and Dr. Lisa Galarneau.

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Update February 2nd, 2017: We are launching our website — — , engaging with press/media, and booking radio appearances. We have also launched a fundraising campaign to amplify our efforts and could use your support.

Seattle, WA and New York, NY January 26, 2017: Following the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) release to the Web of 13 million previously classified documents this month, including close to 2000 documents revealing extraterrestrial and extrasensory knowledge, The Disclosure Activists have mounted an international effort for formal disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence.

The group is well aware, based on decades of research into Unexplained Aerial Phenomena (UAP), crop circles, and experiencer accounts, that there are extraterrestrial intelligences engaging our planet. Now that many world-wide government sources have released tangible information about these phenomena, the time for formal Disclosure has come.

There has never been a more important question in the history of humanity than ‘are we alone?’ We are not. There is an abundance of evidence that most citizens are unfamiliar with. Our governments know it and the people know it. It is now time for us to be fully informed about the extraterrestrial presence and the benefits Disclosure can bring to humanity.

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