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20% inspirational, 80% not.
Note from the editor

20% inspirational, 80% not.

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Luke Trayser
ACD and copy guy at Ivor Andrew. Freelance copywriting mercenary. Not my real hair. Get in touch on Twitter or email ltrayser at gmail.
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Cole Kennedy
Copywriter at Burrow. Regular writer here, except like, my writing is on an IF diet so maybe not regular. Race car driver and pro surfer in my imagination.
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Eric Helms
Gluten-free in the streets, pretzel bun between the sheets. Copywriter & aspiring humor writer. milkmoneyhelms.com
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Katie Trayser
Far more obsessed with Abraham Lincoln than you are, my friend.
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Allison Lichtenheld
Wife, Mom, teacher/librarian, classy lady (mostly).
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"Hi. My name is Roy." - Now that just sounds stupid. (thehappysidestep@gmail.com)
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J. Nelson
gone fishin'
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Justin Blackman
I write silly and lovable things for professional people. They seem to like it. All the people say I’m pretty fly for a write guy. PrettyFlyCopy.com
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Tiffany Antone
Thinking thoughts, writing them down… trying not to scream in the interim. Also: Playwright. Professor. Mom. Wife. Cat-Servant. Follow @LadyPlaywright
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doug carter
 design & photography hack. mandalorian bounty hunter. purple in sector 1. farmer of ideas. taco issues. INFP.
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