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Yield Guild Games (YGG) has signed an agreement with Dubai-based blockchain gaming developer Meta-X to introduce questing systems to their upcoming third-person shooter, Dark Machine, and boost global support for esports programs.

Led by a team of veterans from AAA gaming studios, Meta-X is creating the world’s first mass web3 esports franchise that will surpass web2 esports. They plan to do this by bringing AAA-level games to web3 supported by a decentralized tournament and sponsorship framework with a mature token ecosystem. They aim to reward the players and tournament organizers that make esports happen, from skilled players to the content creators covering their games. Dark Machine is the first game to be introduced into this new system.

“We are always looking for high-quality web3 games to share with our player community, and Dark Machine is one of those games that have a lot of potential,” said YGG co-founder Gabby Dizon. “We’re excited to introduce YGG quests to Dark Machine and to develop our programs further through this partnership with the Meta-X team. It’s an exciting time to be in the space, with a lot of gamers starting to experience how web3 gaming systems are evolving.”

The Dark Machine Progresses

Dark Machine is a team-based shooter set in the year 2149, after a global-scale eruption transformed Japan and created a volcanic mountain line where groups fight it out to gain control of the futuristic energy source manufactured out of it. Players can strategically deploy mechs that can increase in size and dynamically change the battlefield through physics-based map destruction.

The game was showcased at the YGG Web3 Games Summit (W3GS) in November 2023 and was received positively by the YGG community, who expressed interest in its competitive elements and mech system. Dark Machine is being developed with esports in mind, and the studio is building a decentralized tournament platform that will allow players to compete more often and receive rewards directly from sponsors. YGG will support Meta-X’s vision for esports by running YGG tournaments on the studio’s platform.

Following the success of YGG’s Superquests and the Guild Advancement Program (GAP) in games such as Axie Infinity: Origins and Pixels, the guild will bring questing to Dark Machine to boost onboarding. YGG will also engage in joint marketing efforts with Meta-X through community initiatives such as AMAs, a dedicated partner page and Discord channel, and content creation. The guild will help run and promote esports tournaments as well, using Meta-X’s decentralized tournament platform.

YGG Founders’ Coin holders will receive early access pass NFTs for an opportunity to experience Dark Machine before its release, with more YGG players getting access over time as development continues. The game will also be a part of the YGG Game Testers Program in Q2 2024.

The Meta-X team has already proven its versatility, having worked previously on projects such as Evangelion Battlefields. With Dark Machine establishing the foundation for a long-term partnership, YGG and Meta-X are drawing up plans to have questing systems in place for future Meta-X projects.

“We are very pleased to announce our partnership with YGG. We’ve worked with them through various events with Dark Machine, and we are delighted to finally make an announcement that will propel Dark Machine into the hearts and minds of gamers worldwide,” said Meta-X CEO Takashi Murakoshi.

The Team Behind Meta-X

The team behind Meta-X has helped ship more than 100 web2 games enjoyed by over 100 million players. They have built award-winning games for companies such as Sega Sammy, Bandai Namco, Square Enix, Gree, Cygames, and Spike Chunsoft, and are now contributing their expertise to the continued development of web3 gaming.

Takashi Murakoshi, CEO of Meta-X, is a veteran of the gaming industry with over 20 years of experience, having previously been the M&A leader for the Sega Sammy merger and the former CEO of Spike Chunsoft. He was a part of the development team for games such as Colin McRae Rally and Fire Pro Wrestling World.

Keiichi Yano, CCO of Meta-X, has been in gaming for the past 25 years and is also the founder of iNiS (now Liona Interactive) and Jumo Inc. He rose to fame with the release of 2002’s Gitaroo Man and the Nintendo series Elite Beat Agents. He is considered a pioneer of the music video game genre.

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For more information on Meta-X, check out their X and website.



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