Steal My 36 Learnings From This Week | Snapshot Week #32

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Photo by Blaise Vonlanthen on Unsplash

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Here, I’m sharing 36 learnings of the week. These learnings are the ones that I have derived from others’ writings. I’ve quoted the article’s source as well as the authors’ name because I’m a huge believer in gratitude.

Before jumping into the learnings, you might want to read the why and the how of this article. Trust me, the process is interesting. You’d like adopting the same.

Disclaimer: Going forward, I’m including a variation to the set of 6th learning. I’ll be including a set of 6 books that I personally recommend. Why am I doing this? Recently I finished this book and the time spent over the book gave me innumerable learnings. I’ll soon be collecting all the learnings from this book and will publish a dedicated article on this. With my recent learning, I believe good book recommendations are a gold mine for the readers like you and me. So here you go! PS: you may find affiliate links to my recommendations.


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