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If you like Donald Trump’s sexism and misogyny, you will love Hillary Clinton.

Perhaps the most overarching and well-advertised narrative of Hillary’s political career is ‘Hillary Clinton: Great defender of women and children.’

Donald Trump is a traditional ‘every woman wants to sleep with me’, ‘blood coming out of her wherever’ kind of misogynist. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has cloaked herself in the ‘great defender’ narrative, while, in reality, continuously displaying cartoonish levels of sexist grotesquery.

Consider her husband Bill Clinton; at best — a serial adulterer, at worst — a serial rapist.

But don’t hold the wife accountable for the sins of the husband. A valid point.

Unfortunately, when presented time and time again with the sins of her husband, the ‘great defender’ turned into the great persecutor.

Kathleen Willey described the “fear and terror” she experienced as a sexual assault victim dealing with Hillary, whom she asserts “wrote the book on terrorizing women.”

Gennifer Flowers called her an “enabler,” while Paula Jones described how Hillary would “go out and she would try to discredit these women.”

Former Bill Clinton adviser called Hillary’s tactics “blackmail,” while Juanita Broaddrick was more direct, stating “Bill Clinton raped me, and Hillary tried to silence me.”

I suppose what we have is a bit of a Bill Cosby situation. Namely, how many victims have to speak up before they are believed? If the answer is more than the 15+ who have already spoken against Bill and Hillary, then perhaps we should not wonder why victims of sexual assault are so hesitant to come forward, especially against powerful people.

Two friends enjoy an ice cold pop and a conversation

But let us not forget that it is not just women who Hillary is purportedly the great defender of, but children as well. A great defender who laughed repeatedly when recalling her tactics as a young lawyer allowing a plainly guilty child rapist to escape applicable charges. True, lawyers, and especially young lawyers, do not often get to choose their cases. But they also do not often laugh so jovially over their ability to destroy the credibility of a prepubescent girl and allow a dangerous sicko back on the streets after less than a year in prison.

But perhaps the past is the past and you are more of a ‘what have you done for me lately’ kind of voter. Luckily for you, there can be little doubt that Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign has been at least as deeply ensconced in sexism as Donald Trump’s.

It was not Trump who suggested that women, and young women in particular, were an insular and indivisible voting block, neither sufficiently intelligent nor politically engaged to vote on the issues. No, that came from Hillary surrogates like Madeleine Albright, who threatened independent-minded women with a “special place in hell” as Hillary giggled. Or former feminist icon Gloria Steinem, who stated that politically-engaged young women were only as such for “the boys.”

Madeleine Albright threatens independent women — to Hillary’s delight

Nor is it Donald Trump who lists among his closest personal and professional friends the kings and despots of the most oppressive countries in the world. It is perhaps contradictory to proclaim women’s rights as a pillar of your foreign policy, as Hillary does, while associating closely with, taking money from, and providing weapons to countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates.

Good friends, good times

Donald Trump’s sexism is like that of a drunk, red-faced uncle on Thanksgiving. Hillary’s is that of someone who has climbed through a hatch in the glass ceiling, before calmly instructing a subordinate to fill the hole with concrete.

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