Korean Mail Order Brides Guide

Ann Young
5 min readMar 28, 2024
Korean Mail Order Brides

In the last decade, Korean mail order brides became twice as popular in the US. While only 232 entered America in 2010, in 2019, their number reached 482. And unlike girls from other countries, Korean women are less likely to bring children from past marriages to the US (5% vs. 15% on average).

  • Popular cities to find Korean brides — Seoul, Busan, Incheon
  • Average age of brides — 30 years old
  • Best Korean dating site — SakuraDate
  • How to win Korean women’s hearts — Be polite, be serious about relationship, and be family-oriented
  • Average cost of Korean brides — $4,150 — $6,450

But is a Korean bride the right choice for you, or should you look for love elsewhere? Use our research and insights to make an educated decision.

3 Top Dating Sites to Find Korean Women

  1. SakuraDate
  2. EasternHoneys
  3. TheLuckyDate

Why choose Korean girls for marriage?

Korean girl for marriage

At first glance, Korean women seem no different from girls from any other Asian country. But as you dig deeper into the local cultural and social peculiarities, you can easily see what makes Korean mail order brides so popular. American men love them because they are:

  • Exotically attractive. Delicate and slender, Korean women are also renowned for their porcelain skin, soulful eyes, and their ability to highlight their best features with the help of the K-beauty industry.
  • Educated and driven. Korean women account for almost half of the tertiary education students in Korea, and they are more interested in building careers than being submissive housewives.
  • Loving and honest. The traditional family values are still strong among Korean girls, so they remain loyal to their husbands and love taking care of their children.

And we’re sure you’ll find even more attractive traits as you get to know your Korean girlfriend better.

Why do Korean brides seek Western men?

International marriages are growing more popular in South Korea, accounting for one out of ten marriages. And while Korean men are seeking Vietnamese and Chinese wives, Korean women are more excited about Western men, whom they believe to be:

  • Exciting and fun. Moving away from their homeland is the biggest adventure of their lives for most Korean girls, so they associate the excitement with marrying a foreigner.
  • Loyal and dedicated. Tired of being relegated to housewife roles and being cheated on, Korean women seek good husbands and fathers, honest and dedicated to the happiness of their families.
  • Mature and stable. Although the man’s ability to financially support the family is important to Korean women, they are also interested in mature men, not prone to flights of fancy or rash decisions.

Korean women’s standards are high, but you should have no trouble meeting them, unlike most Korean men.

How to find Korean brides for marriage?

Korean bride

When meeting at work or through mutual acquaintances is not an option, online dating is a perfect solution for a long-distance relationship. The basic action plan looks like this:

  • Step 1

Register on a dating site and fill your profile with high-quality photos and personal details.

  • Step 2

Adjust search filters to find partners who fit your requirements and start chatting to learn more about them.

  • Step 3

Narrow down your choices to one or two best candidates and build a strong relationship.

  • Step 4

Arrange a face-to-face meeting in the US or Korea to see if you’re compatible in real life.

  • Step 5

Propose and assist your Korean bride in moving to the US on a K-1 fiance visa.

  • Step 6

Plan and host a wedding reception to fulfill the K-1 visa requirements.

Although some steps will take only a few minutes, we don’t recommend skipping any of them to ensure a successful and safe dating experience.

How much does a Korean mail order bride cost?

Dating a Korean girl online and getting married isn’t cheap, so let’s consider the non-negotiable spending categories you shouldn’t skimp on:

  1. Dating site membership. Most international platforms rely on credits to let you manage your expenses. So while you can purchase 750 credits for $149.99 on EasternHoneys or 80,000 credits for $179 on TheLuckyDate, only your activity level will decide how often you’ll need to add more credits to your balance.
  2. Face-to-face meeting spending. If you choose to travel to South Korea for a couple of weeks, be prepared to spend at least $2,500 on accommodation, transportation, and entertainment and an additional $1,500 on airfare.
  3. Visa and relocation expenses. The former includes everything from filing Form I-129 to adjustment of status and everything in between, with a total of around $2,300. But you should also account for your bride’s airfare and the shipping rate of her belongings.
  4. Wedding reception costs. The total price of your wedding depends on the location you choose for it. For instance, average wedding spending in Korea is around $14,000, while in the US, planning and hosting a reception can cost up to $45,000.

Luckily, you can control the expenses on most of the above by making smart choices. For example, using live chat or messages on dating sites is much cheaper than indulging in video chat. And getting married in a city hall will save you thousands of dollars.

Final thoughts

Korean women embody a unique combination of exotic beauty, intelligence, drive, and caring nature, which secures their place among the most sought-after Asian mail order brides.

So if you’re ready to brave a long-distance relationship to reap the benefits of an international marriage with a Korean beauty, setting up a dating site profile should be high on your priorities list.

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