minerstat mining tutorial #14: Control room

As we are working closely with mining managers, we listen to their struggles from the field. One of the key elements when running a crypto mining farm is taking care of a proper room cooling and identifying exactly where the heat is problematic since it might quickly affect a part of if not even the whole mining operation. So we have listened and designed a visual heat map called Control room.

While the control room was born from the idea of a heat map, it is much more than just that. It is a place where you can organise your workers to visually fit your actual establishment and quickly check what is going on with your rigs. It has shown to be the most beneficial to mining managers of medium and large farms.

Entrance to the control room

The entrance to the control room is page where you can actually create your control rooms. Yes, plural. You can add as many control rooms as you need, and divide them by places where you keep your rigs, by customers, or by anything else you like.

Each control room can have its own name that can also be edited later. In each room, you can place as many workers as you want, but about this a little bit later.

Rooms are placed as tiles and each tile shows you:

  • Room’s name
  • Number of online workers
  • Number of offline workers
  • The efficiency of the workers in the room
  • Lowest temperature
  • Average temperature
  • Maximum temperature

Please note that the efficiency is calculated through all workers and that the temperature is taken into account for all online hardware in the room (so for all GPUs and all ASICs).

You can enter and examine each room separately.

Control room

In each room, you can place your workers in the grid and organize them into rows and columns. Because you can add multiple workers into one tile, you can also organize them by shelves.

When you add new tile, we will make sure that there is always at least 2 columns of empty tiles on the left and 2 rows of empty tiles on the bottom.

Each tile can be labelled. If you leave the label empty, the worker’s name will be used for the one-worker tile and a number of workers will be used for the multiple-workers tile.

Besides the label, the tile also shows you the hashrate of each cryptocurrency you are mining, the maximum temperature of the worker(s), and a warning sign if there is any worker offline. The temperature will be coloured from blue to red, where blue falls in the normal temperature range (50°C and less) and red in the high temperature range (90°C and more).

Each rig in the tile can be restarted, rebooted, shoot down, or configured from control room. Mount/Unmount will allow you to rename the tile and add or remove workers on the tile.

Heat map

To use control room as a heat map, switch between compact and extended view. This will show you only the maximum temperature of the tile and you will see by the color where the heat is the highest and where the lowest.

Happy mining!

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