minerstat mining tutorial #15: Scheduler

Sep 15, 2018 · 5 min read

One of the latest tools we added to minerstat is scheduler. Like the name itself tells, scheduler allows you to schedule your mining operation. The purpose of implementing this function was to give mining managers a fair way to get their mining manager’s fee. But besides that, the scheduler can be used for other purposes as well. In this tutorial, we will show you how to set it and present you a few use cases where scheduler might serve you.

Scheduler list

As same as with overclocking, you can define and apply different scheduler profiles. The only difference is that one scheduler profile can be applied for one or more workers and that one worker can have one or more scheduler profiles.

New profile

When you are adding a new profile, you need to select target and profile settings.


As same as with target on other pages, you can select a worker or a group of workers that you want to apply changes to. Click on the input field and select workers or a group of workers.

Profile settings

In profile settings, you can set the profile’s name to better distinguish between different profiles.

Choose the hours of the day between which the scheduler should run. Please note that if you will set 10:00 for start and 8:00 for the end, this means that the scheduler will run between 10:00 and 8:00, which is 22 hours.

Select the default mining client you want to use when the scheduler is applied and edit its config the same way as with regular worker’s config.

At the end select the overclocking profile you want to apply. You can either choose:

  • “Don’t change” to assure that the worker’s ClockTune profile is used;
  • “From profit switch” to assure that the same ClockTune profile is used as defined in profit switch of your worker. In this case, you will also need to choose the algorithm and make sure that you have applied ClockTune in the profit switch;
  • Any other ClockTune profile that was defined by you.

Save changes and your scheduler profile is set.

Use cases

There are different cases when scheduler might come handy for you.

Mining manager’s fee

If you are managing a farm for an investor or a client and you have an agreement for X% fee, you can now easily set scheduler and mine X% of the time to the pool of your choosing and to your address directly.

  • 1% fee ~ 14.5 minutes
  • 2% fee ~ 29 minutes
  • 3% fee ~ 43.5 minutes
  • 4% fee ~ 58 minutes
  • 5% fee ~ 72.5 minutes

Sharing mining rigs with friends or partners

If you and your friends or partners are sharing mining rigs and one of you is a fan of one coin or one pool while the other is a fan of something else, you can simply solve this issue by using the scheduler. Half of the time you will be mining under your conditions and another half of time under your friend’s or partner’s conditions. It works even for a group of more people.

Combining profit switch with direct coin mining

If you want to use profit switch half of the time and half of the time mine one coin that you believe in, you can simply solve this by using the scheduler. In this case, set profit switch as your main configuration, and add the scheduler for the other coin you want to mine. For example, you can set up settings to mine half of the time on Mining Pool Hub or NiceHash different coins that are converted to BTC and the other half of the time mine ETH that you also want to store.

Making your own switcher

In cases when you don’t want to use profit switch, but you still want to mine two or more coins, you can easily make your own switcher with the scheduler. Let’s say that your goal is to mine ETH, ETC, and ZEC. You can set a scheduler that will mine ETH from 08:00-16:00, ETC from 16:00-00:00, and ZEC from 00:00–08:00. In this way, you will be mining all three coins you want and you won’t have to worry about manually switching and changing clients.

Cloud mining or rig renting

If you have a cloud mining or rig renting service and you are using minerstat for managing your rigs, you can simply assign a certain amount of rigs to mine for your clients for a certain amount of time - to meet the criteria of your contract.

Happy mining!

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