minerstat mining tutorial #5: Team and customers

Jul 20, 2018 · 4 min read

This tutorial will come in handy for all mining managers that are managing rigs for their clients, investors, for smaller or larger teams, or for those that are sharing the accounts.

To have a better overview and to be more organized with your team members and your customers, we allow you to create two types of users - team members and customers.


You can create accounts for your team members by entering their name, e-mail address, and permission you want to assign them. Optionally you can send them an email invitation (if not, you will need to make sure to let them know about their new access key).

Team member’s account has its own access key and has to set its own 2FA and other profile settings. The changes the team members make in their account will reflect on your own account. So it is like assigning access to your account to different people.

There are three different permissions options:

  • Technical: with access to all workers, configs, overclocking profiles, and all other access of your account except for billing and invoices;
  • Accounting: with access to billing, invoices, dashboard, and statistics;
  • Guest: with access to workers list and statistics.


Customers, on the other hand, act like independent, new account (without an option to billing and to managing new users) to which you assign the number of workers and you name their plan.

You can create a new customer by entering their name, e-mail address, the plan name you want to show them, the number of workers you want to assign them, and the expiration date of the plan. Optionally, you can send them an email invitation (if not, you will need to make sure to let them know about their new access key).

If you want to have total control over your customers’ accounts, you can enter your own e-mail and all email notifications will come to you.

You can only assign the smaller number of workers that you have available in your own account (since you are the one that paid for these workers and they are yours to manage). After you assign a certain number of workers to your customer, we will treat your account as these workers are used, while your customer will have the same number of workers displayed as available.

Every mining manager that creates new customers has a very easy way to switch between customers’ accounts and their own account. Click on your avatar and you will see the clients list right away. Each of them has their own name and their own avatar so you can distinguish between them easier.

Keep in mind that the person having access to the primary account has access to all customers’ accounts. The minerstat+ add-on of primary account is always added to the customers as well.

Public profile

For those that have total control over their customers’ accounts but customers still want to see what is going on with their account (without having to log in to the dashboard), we offer an option of public profiles.

You can switch to your customer account, go to settings, and enable public profile. You will receive a unique URL you can share with your customer. If you want to change this URL, you can just disable public profile and enable it back on - this will generate you a brand new profile URL and those with old URLs won’t be able to access your public profile anymore without knowing the new URL.

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