The Women Scorned

Ozzy Etomi

June 8th

“The thing women have yet to learn is, nobody gives you power. You just take it”

Have you ever watched a candle melt?

Bright orange light, heat escaping, sweet smell emanating.

Hard, then soft.

Soft back to hard.

Until it burns itself out.

Have you ever watched a woman wilt?

You gave him the matches.

He lights you when he feels like,

Then snuffs you.

Licking his fingers,

He closes them on the wick.

Soft. Then Hard.

Hard, Back to Soft.

You sit on his shelf

Smells intertwine, layering, wafting.

Sick to your stomach.

Your scent now all too familiar,

Cinnamon is his favorite of the month.

You ache for the days,

When everything smelled of you.

You cry when you realize,

How you all burn to give him light.

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Ozzy Etomi

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I write about gender, culture, feminism and shared human experiences. Working on my first book. My personal website is

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