An avid movie-goer or not, at some point in time all of us have booked movie tickets online with the whole gang. Yes, you might’ve escaped from standing at the box office but no one escapes the conversations that follow while booking — “Centre mein nahi hai kya?”, “How far is it from the screen?”, “Should we just wait for it to come on TV”, “Why don’t we just watch it from the floor instead?”

While booking movie tickets online gives us extreme convenience, letting your fellow movie-goer(s) know the seats you’ve selected is a huge hassle. The traditional way…

Imagine you’re getting ready to go see a major music festival or an international cricket match. One that you’ve been waiting to attend for long. You manage to leave the house early but get stuck in traffic. Several shortcuts and a few outbursts later, you somehow reach the venue on time just to find yourself in a long, endless queue at the box office because your digital ticket has to be exchanged for a physical one to enter. What a bummer, right?

Unlike movie theatres, events in the past did not accept tickets if they were saved on your phone…

“It’s only one straw,” said eight billion people. When it comes to zero waste, we don’t need a handful of people doing their bit, we need millions. And that’s why we embarked on our zero waste journey with help from our friends at Skrap.

What’s Skrap? Well, it’s a waste management firm that believes in making the world a plastic-free place one office or event at a time. It provides waste management solutions to corporates and large-scale events who in turn work towards reducing their waste footprint.

With Skrap by our side, we managed to reduce our landfill per day…

In the last 4 years, we have been focused on building out the best tool for organisers to market and monetise their events. The buying experience for event tickets has been something we have obsessed about and the product and our success in event ticketing speaks for itself.

We have also been wondering on what to do next, for the last year we have been patiently working on becoming a destination for one core part of your life — ‘Your Weekend.’

If you have been following our Instagram posts, this should come as no surprise. …

A few years ago, the idea of thousands of people watching a stand up comic or an indie musician perform live was unthinkable, and now it’s routine. Insider has been at the forefront of this change, and today we’re proud to announce our latest innovation on the platform - “Digital events”.

Digital events is an interactive video format where organisers can create new formats that can combine real-time audience reactions, adaptive content, sponsor messaging, commerce and rewards. …

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Paytm Insider is one of India’s largest platforms to discover and find tickets to the latest movies, exciting live events and experiences in the country.

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