7 ways to promote your ICO with TokensRecord.com

Promote your ICO with TokensRecord.com
  1. Submit your project to be listed. There is a detailed article that describes ICO review procedure.
  2. Add facts about your ICO to get more community support. Use Green Flag section on TokensRecord.com to share facts with proof about your project, team, product, advisors, vesting schedule,github, etc. You should add everything that can prove your team is real and works on the project.
  3. Add details about your project and keep it up to date. There is admin panel for team community mangers to update information like token price, description, video, members, advisors, additional links. You will get user manual on that soon.
  4. Add youtube reviews of your project to provide more opinions on your idea. You can do it on your project page. Use “Add New Video Review” button. Add title, video link, thumbnail, description and submit the form in popup.
  5. Get displayed in TokensRecord widgets. Provide enough information to prove your work on the project and we will add your project to ICO widgets.
  6. Answer our emails and get through Due Diligence procedure to get into ICO directory.

7. Work with community on resolving Red Flags. Be transparent and open. Help our community understand your project better.

Even though facebook, google and other ban ICO ads you can still build your community by following our Due Diligence guidelines.

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