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Dear beloved community of the project “Adopt a Family” ❤ Today is a great time to have a review of past 2018. Please be welcomed to a quick summary of first steps, achievements and lesson’s learned for project’s year 1.

2018 was the year Simón and I met. 2018 was the year this project was formed. 2018 was the year this project actually changed some lives to the better — Overall 2018 was a absolutely great year and 2019 will be even better! So let’s share some moments and have a look into the past, in our learnings during these times and let’s have a glimpse into 2019.

Simón and I (Fabian) met 08.20.2018 was the day Simón and I met in a Discord-channel. Discord is a platform mostly used for gaming reasons but heavily used in the cryptocurrency community as well. Both of us were member in the Banano-community. A meme/fun-coin based on the cryptocurrency NANO. After we met each other and had some small talks, we talked a lot about Venezuela and it’s current financial crisis (see here for an article from Simón). Also, we talked a lot of crypto and potential use cases for people who suffer such a situation and what changes for people arise for switching to cryptocurrencies. Over the upcoming weeks we build a strong bond, a friendship and this project. A story only crypto and the internet could create. From this day on we discuss, create and push things forward on a daily basis. Both of us have a full time job/university — but when heart is involved there are no borders!

First distribution The project is divided into three parts: - Supporting families regularly - Educate families and all participants about cryptocurrencies - Make every now and then a distribution to spread hope to people By this the project is able to lower the hurdle of taking part into this project as well as taking part in cryptocurrencies. Of course using crypto is relative easy, but you need at least some education, a device (smartphone, PC, etc.) and a internet connection. We strive to support people to reach these requirements with a little of our help and of course out of their own will/force. But unfortunately this hurdles aren’t conquerable by all people, so we decided to make distributions to at least spread some joy and hope among people.

First educational articles “Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime” The educational part of this project and for our families is from very high importance! We strongly believe into encouraging people and educating them about cryptocurrencies will help them to be able to gain strength and the opportunity to help themself out of own force. This is true for every member in the project families as well as every other person on earth. For this purpose we wrote (and will write) some articles about how to get start with this “magic internet money”. See our educational-articles from 2018 below: - How cryptocurrencies impact and how to use in Venezuela - Creating a NANO-wallet - How cryptocurrencies changed my life - Cryptocurrency NANO — why the right choice for our aid project? - Current situation in Venezuela (Photo-Story)

For our surprise the articles gained more awareness than we even thought about. This is a great sign of a strong community and even a rising interest in cryptocurrencies like NANO as well!

Rising awareness into this project Simón is a very good networker and have a good reputation and excellent contacts in the Banano-community. After forming the first steps of this project we decided to go public and share our project with the cryptocurrency-community. We initially received some donations from keen participants. With this money we decided to start a distribution tour in Caracas/Venezuela and wished all people a nice Christmas time and gave them sandwiches and fruits. At least a nice meal for one day! This was the point people starting to trust us and donated even more money to us ❤ We decided to start another and even bigger donation tour. See here two articles about these events: - Christmas time in Venezuela — gift time (Photo-Story) - Another crypto mirracle — again — in Venezuela (Photo-Story) Fueled by this success the project mature more and more. More articles were written, the project became more structured and more contacts to the community and other projects were made.

The project is gaining momentum Trust was build among the community and we received a good amount of donations from several people. Some of the donations were quite big and filled the pot. Simón and me couldn’t believe it. We celebrated this success and are thankful to every donator and participant of this project who enabled us doing this and by this pushing things forward. By the way, have a look here into the ledger and see how all of the donations were used. Transparency is key! As I said “the pot was filled” this project were able to make a very nice announcement at the end of 2018 — This project is able to “adopt” another family: See here the welcoming-article for Carla and mini Simón.

Hurdles and lesson’s learned Of course not every time things were that easy as you above read and now may think. Simón and I put a lot of effort into managing the project and pushing things forward. Not everybody is convinced from this project and of course we and our family-member ran into some hurdles as well. The biggest hurdle we experienced is the entry into cryptoworld. After finding our second family (Carla and mini Simón) we experienced, that education is one part, devices like a working mobile or PC another. Carla is very happy about this chance and willing to contribute in this project as well, but have some mayor problems with the basics — creating and maintain a NANO-wallet. Just solely out of the reason, that her mobile is to old and the nearby cyber coffee is not reliable and mostly closed. This of course come along with her duties as a young mother. You see — it’s a vicious circle! Not able to receive NANOs because of a lacking device (mobile), no money to fix this lack (buying a mobile able to maintain a NANO-wallet).

This caused us some headache but finally we found a solution for the first time: Simón and Carla are both from Venezuela. So Simón is able to send Carla money into their national currency (Bolivar Soberanos) via bank-transfer. It’s not ideal because it’s violating our rule of transparency of funds movements (see here our ledger and movement of funds) but otherwise Carla has no chance to breach the vicious circle she’s in. So for this weekly payout (and maybe the following one) Simón’s family received his share as well as the share of Carla’s family. Simón will change Carla’s share into Bolivar Soberanos and will send this via bank-transfer to Carla. Carla will then be able to fix the problem with her device and finally create her own NANO-wallet to receive funds at her own.

(Disclaimer: This project strives to be fully transparent. Everybody has full insight about the amount of donated funds as well as for what the funds were used. See here for this the project’s ledger. Your trust in us is key for the success of this project.)

2019 — a quick glimpse into In total 2018 was the starting point of this project and as well the point it gained momentum. This project is now able to support 2 families on a regular basis and provide the community with some educational articles and community success stories. Now the project is entering year 2. Simón and I are full of ideas and pushing this project behind the scenes forward. In the upcoming weeks some changes will occur to make this project more clear and more visible to the internet. A very good news it that we´ve found someone in the US (a Venezuelan living in the States) who will provide us with regular payments and with this cover the monthly costs for doing so. With rising awareness and a growing community we are very sure to be able to adopt a third family as well. So you see — 2019 will have a lot of surprises and good things ahead!

Simón and me can’t point out enough how great our community is!! We are the initiator of this project, you are the fuel. Without each other we together couldn’t achieve this much. It’s time again to say a big thank you to all of you. Let’s make 2019 to a year full of hope and let us show the world how cryptocurrencies can change life to the good.

Sincerely, Simón and Fabian

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