SMS May Be Fading While Viber Strives?

In fact, mobile messaging still remains a serious, evolving and extremely fast growing enterprise in many business spheres. And now due to Facebook Messenger, Kik Messenger, WhatsApp and Viber integration it is gaining momentum.

«The messaging space, heating up with the help of Viber, is said to be an innovation in the field of advertising, and the features such as chat bots and public chats are more likely to be changing the mobile engagement nature between the customers and the companies, however, the brands still have a lot to learn out of that.» — says Scott Nelson, head of North America at Viber.

How publishers or brands use instant messengers to engage new consumers?

Of course, it’s still early how mobile messaging is changing by the instant messengers, chat bots and chats, since Messenger, Kik or Viber have just come out on the market. There’s much to do and analyze before we actually see the scale of the impact on SMS marketing and advertising as the whole, etc. Anyway, a lot of brands have already admitted the value of SMS sent via Viber or any other messenger for improving communication with customers, increasing the brand awareness and bringing more income to the business.

Viber news lettering today is a new and innovative advertising format. Since it’s a well-known communication channel, an SMS received through Viber doesn’t deter the customers and always works more efficiently because with it, it’s always easier to attract the new customers, drag their attention and keep the regular clients surprised with its new, unusual features and so on.

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With Viber advertising you are able to effectively promote the market of your product or service asap. This application acts as a trusted and secured communication channel. Customers who are e-mailed legally actually expect the notifications from their favorite brands and they have no fear when they receive a message via Viber, which is quite a personal app for everyone with the chosen mobile numbers only.

The truth is that each person that has a smartphone or any other modern communication device, sooner or later installs an instant messenger, which no way minimizes SMS effectiveness, but quite on the opposite — intensifies it with the ability to organize bulk SMS messaging through extra apps so familiar to the folks. And that’s a huge advantage in comparison with other advertising types. Viber is aimed at sending paying customers, that are interested in your offers for sure.

Each company nowadays has a chance to make a target messaging as per region, age or sex criteria, and thus attract more customers, increase turnover and profit of the company.

So, it’s quite wrong to say that text messaging is several decades old, and the majority of customers are simply ditching texting for messaging apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat or Viber because even when consumer interest wanes, the businesses around the globe are still embracing SMS to communicate with them.

That’s why SMS solutions like BSG, an online platform that let the users add text services to their mobile and web apps, are still so much sought after by businesses as a unique way of staying connected. Solutions provided by BSG developers have already reached more than 190 countries all over the globe and set up more than 12000 accounts for small and big businesses. You are welcome to join!

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