Chingu Weekly Vol. 33 (travellers-showcase REMIX)

“Visegrad Bosnia for a road trip with my dad 2015” by @lydiavuj

Note: This week there was a “pop-up” channel called Travellers-Showcase where members posted images from their homeland and travels. I’ve sprinkled some throughout.

News & Random

— Congratulations Divyanshu Maithani (@div) for getting the new Dev job!!

— Congratulations buoyantair for getting your Front-End Cert this week!

— Congratulations David Genest FOR FINISHING ALL OF FREECODECAMP!! Can’t believe we have someone finishing this massive feat two weeks in a row!

— Congratulations @leofis for completing the Front-End Cert!!

— Congratulations Martine Ross for getting your Android Basics Nanodegree by Google!!

Not sure why buoyantair’s and genestl’s certs aren’t showing their names, but those are it!

— @saintograph kindly shared this page on Udacity scholarships. Check it out here!

Front-end webdev challenge #2 from P1xt!!

Overheard in Chingu

Figured it out, but left wondering exactly why
Happy Father’s Day to all you creative dads. As a dad I’m teaching and learning, as much as I can, with my daughter.
Yeah, I have to get myself under control as I am signing up to too many courses just because they are for free. Sometimes I do it with someone else in mind (I don’t know how would I be able to share it though -
i have a twitter account with 0 tweets. i signed up for facebook recently to do bot development, and was promptly banned by FB. Honey Badger don’t care!
It’s like 3 am here and I am not exactly sober, but try moving the second call to `tower` out of the `setTimeout`
欢迎, 很高兴认识你
My new motto for the year, “Keep drawing, keep coding, keep praying, keep going!”
Still thinking what b2l project build

This week’s super random full Overheard in Chingu list can be found here!

Showcase & Shout-out

Note: This week there was a “pop-up” channel called Travellers-Showcase where members posted images from their homeland and travels. I’ve sprinkled some throughout. :)

@antonderegt — Anton de Regt, a Cohort-Lead for the Bearded-Dragons published this awesome Bearded-Dragons Digest Vol. 01 with all the happenings going on in there (bake off, front-end cert, meme…YES!!).

@karelluwena — Karel Luwena wrote this article on Asynchronous Data Flow.

San Marino by Jack Maunders

@pankaja — Pankajashree R wrote this brief article called Looking Back After 100 Days about doing the 100 day coding challenge!

@corinaw — Corina I wrote an article called The Art of Giving & Receiving Feedback!

“This is my neighbourhood during Diwali”

@vera — Check out Veronica Mihai’s article on her experience going to DevTalks Bucharest! You can find it here. :)

@nedu — Have a glance at @nedu’s portfolio here!

@byunsta — Check out Byun’s gorgeous paypal clone here!


@pkshreeman — Paul Kenneth Shreeman completed P1xt’s most recent Front-end challenge! you can see it here.

A preview of Traci Cremeans’ article

@icartusacrimea — Traci Cremeans’s article on Chingu’s inaugural AMA with the wonderful Andy Glassman, powered by Portal. You can check it out here.

@periman /peris— Periklis Panagiotis Arnaoutis wrote this guide for finding a new pair-programming partner in the Chingu using the awesome Timed-Up app!

“The farthest I’ve traveled. General Santos City, Philippines”

Chingu of the Week

“I live in louisville Ky in the us and we have something called “Thunder over Louisville” where they set fireworks off for an hour straight”

@Aged-lace, who embodies enthusiasm and support like no one else I know. When I think of the first Epictetus quote below, AgedLace Gold is the type of person who comes to mind. We’re so fortunate to have someone like her in our community.

Quote to Go

All quotes today are from Epictetus.

The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best.

It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.
First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.
Crete, Greece