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ニコ技深圳コミュニティ Nico-Tech Shenzhen
深圳のメイカー達と交流する「ニコ技深圳コミュニティ」 https://medium.com/ecosystembymakers/about-e306f96168b8
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深圳のメイカー達と交流する「ニコ技深圳交流会」 https://medium.com/ecosystembymakers/about-e306f96168b8 月次メルマガ https://goo.gl/forms/liYBUOb2V4Ni8MVT2

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Takuya Ichise
Senior engineer at GMO Pepabo, inc. iOS and Android engineer, and Maker. I am making a robot ball Omicro. http://omicro.tokyo
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TAKASU Masakazu
Maker, and agnostic. I love The Future,Internet and Energyful days. Facebook http://facebook.com/takasumasakazu Profile https://goo.gl/gskjzD