100 Days Feathercoin Development Foundation

With technology moving at an incredible speed, it’s not very common that someone stops for a moment to reflect on the past. Yet, today the Feathercoin Development Foundation (FDF) is turning 100 (days) today, a good opportunity to review what we have done and identify what worked and what didn’t.

A cornerstone of the Foundation’s efforts to support Feathercoin is naturally through software development and the FDF was only one week old when we released the first public beta of the popular Electrum wallet in a Feathercoin flavour. The Electrum-FTC wallet proved popular right from the start and the addition of hardware wallet support made its use case evens stronger.

Just one week later, we celebrated Feathercoin’s 5th birthday with the release of a new mobile wallet for Feathercoin: the popular Edge started supporting Feathercoin and offers a great alterntive for storing your coins on a mobile device in a secure way without the hassle of keeping a long list of a dozen seed words stored in a secure place. Many people who are new to cryptocurrencies found this a convenient wallet, giving them peace of mind.

While wallet development has been (and still is) a priority, Peter Bushnell kept up his amazing speed moving Feathercoin Core forward with new features including SegWit and is now fully in line with the latest Bitcoin Core, so the most recent Feathercoin Core 0.16.1 release added (among other things) all upstream updates from Bitcoin Core 0.16.1.

All these milestones are already impressive achievements and would make for a productive first 100 days. Yet, we didn’t stop there.

True to Feathercoin’s roots, we have launched several initiatives under the “Featherlight Payments” umbrella. These initiatives will make it easier for merchants and their customers to use Feathercoin in all payment situations, online and IRL.

The first initiative in this space was adding Feathercoin to BTCPay Server, the open source solution for merchants. One of the many advantages BTCPay Server brings to the table is compatibility with the Bitpay service, allowing for seamless integration.

A second initiative to make “Featherlight Payments” as convenient as possible is the development of a powerful and easy to use wallet that we named Swan. This wallet will allow novices and professionals alike to manage their cryptocurrenices more easily and tear down barriers we have observed when using other wallets while teaching about the crypto.

There are several more initiatives lined up under the “Featherlight Payments” umbrella that will easily keep us busy for the next 100 (or 200) days. Since this blog post is about the first 100 days of the Feathercoin Development Foundation, however, I am not going to get into these at this point.

Rest assured, however, that we’re more excited than ever about being part of this amazing community; none of this would be possible without the generous help and support of the many individuals who have taken to Feathercoin and are all contributing. There are several ways you can support Feathercoin, too, whether it be through financial contributions (such as donations to the FDF), developing software or spreading the word.


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Official Feathercoin and Feathercoin Development Foundation Blogposts