The Productive Solopreneur — The Team of One

Tools and hacks to juggle multiple business chores like a pro.

Pascal Maniraho
Mar 1, 2018 · 3 min read
“A man leaning over a table and writing on a printout” by Olu Eletu on Unsplash

It is hard to run a business in solo. Unless you are superman, you can’t do all product and business development without going insane! This is where automation and Gig economy come to rescue.

This blog is the first part of “The Productive Solopreneur”, a series of articles about tools that help Solopreneurs to stay sane and productive. If you are more into technical stuff, read “AppEconomy” series instead.

In Gig Economy era, automation is not a bug but a feature. Whatever automation tools cannot do, there is a whole range of services designed to outsource the task (a.k.a gig) to contractors(a.k.a hustlers). To name a few legal(incorporation, litigation, etc), numbers(tax, operations, balance sheets, etc), marketing, support, and the list goes on.

These series are not about “multitasking”, whatever that words means to you, but a collection of tools/hacks to not “multitask”, and be sane and successful.

“The Productive Solopreneur” series takes on:

  • Newsletter ~ tools for small teams
  • Writing ~ tools to organize thoughts into spot-on content
  • Self Publishing ~ tools to succeed with self-publishing journey
  • Customer Happiness ~ tools to keep customers happy
  • Investing ~ tools to diversify investments, portfolio management
  • Taxes ~ tools and services that can help with your tax declaration easier
  • Copywriting ~ tools to pin Terms of Use, Privacy or Data Security Policies
  • Visual Communication ~ business ideas visual communication tools
  • Content Scavenging ~ thoughts and ways to transform notes into useful contents
  • Co-Founders ~ tools to help you find your “perfect” Co-Founder
  • E-Mails ~ Hacks to write compelling emails
  • Photo ~ tools to find, host photos and for your business
  • Minimalism~ creativity and productivity is driven by minimalism
  • Project Management ~ no-brainer project management tools
  • Selling Courses ~ services to make and distribute paid courses
  • SaaS Business ~ tools to continuously improve a SaaS company
  • Reporting ~ tools for your business reporting tasks
  • Raising Capital ~ raising capital or bootstrapping, which is the best
  • Push Notification ~ push notification tools for hire
  • Marketing ~ ideas and hacks on marketing. It features a section about Feedback ~ and tools to collect and analyze customer feedback.
  • Money ~ tools to tell you where your money is going
  • Persona ~ tools for persona discovery and customer journey mapping visualizations
  • CoWorking ~ tools for better CoWorking space management
  • Gig Economy Insurance ~ insurance products tailored to the gig economy
  • Data Driven Development ~ tools to help drive product development based on data
  • Data-Driven UI ~ resources to learn about UI design

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