Shiv Chalisa — In English Rhyme

शिव चालीसा

by Munindra Misra

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श्री गणेश गिरिजा सुवन, मंगल मूल सुजान।
कहत अयोध्यादास तुम, देहु अभय वरदान॥
Glory to Lord Ganesh — Divine Son of Goddess Girija be,
The cause of all auspiciousness and intelligence surely,
And Ayodha Das requests ever from you so humbly -
Please bless everyone with the boon of living fearlessly.
- 118 —
जय गिरिजा पति दीन दयाला। सदा करत सन्तन प्रतिपाला॥
भाल चन्द्रमा सोहत नीके। कानन कुण्डल नागफनी के॥
Jai splendid and merciful Lord, consort of Parvati truly,
You always bless the deprived and your pious devotees,
Your beautiful form is adorned with the moon perceptibly,
Your forehead and your ears — earrings of snakes’ hood be.
- 119 —
अंग गौर शिर गंग बहाये। मुण्डमाल तन छार लगाये॥
वस्त्र खाल बाघम्बर सोहे। छवि को देख नाग मुनि मोहे॥
From your matted hair ever surges the Ganges so holy,
By Your splendid appearance saints, sages attracted be,
Your neck a skull garland and a lion’s skin adorns Your body
White the ash but ever beautifies Your Divine form totally.
- 120 —
मैना मातु की ह्वै दुलारी। बाम अंग सोहत छवि न्यारी॥
कर त्रिशूल सोहत छवि भारी। करत सदा शत्रुन क्षयकारी॥
O Lord, the beloved daughter of Maina, graciously,
On Your left adds to Your splendid appearance fully,
You the wearer of the skin of lion unquestionably,
Your hand with the trishul destroys all unswervingly.
- 121 —
नन्दि गणेश सोहै तहँ कैसे। सागर मध्य कमल हैं जैसे॥
कार्तिक श्याम और गणराऊ। या छवि को कहि जात न काऊ॥
Nandi and Ganesh appeared along with Shiv beautifully,
As two lotuses in the middle of an ocean unprecedentedly,
Poets and philosophers cannot describe this magnificently,
Of even Kartikeya and dark complexioned Ganas assembly.
- 122 —
देवन जबहीं जाय पुकारा। तब ही दुख प्रभु आप निवारा॥
किया उपद्रव तारक भारी। देवन सब मिलि तुमहिं जुहारी॥
Whenever the Deities sought Your assistance humbly,
You kindly uprooted all their problems graciously,
You blessed the Deities with Your help generously,
When Tarak outraged them You destroyed completely.
- 123 —
तुरत षडानन आप पठायउ। लवनिमेष महँ मारि गिरायउ॥
आप जलंधर असुर संहारा। सुयश तुम्हार विदित संसारा॥
O Lord, You sent Shadanan without delay immediately,
Destroying the evil ones Lava and Nimesh unhesitatingly,
You also destroyed the demon Jalandhara unquestionably,
Your renown is known throughout the world enchantingly.
- 124 —
त्रिपुरासुर सन युद्ध मचाई। सबहिं कृपा कर लीन बचाई॥
किया तपहिं भागीरथ भारी। पुरब प्रतिज्ञा तसु पुरारी॥
O Lord Purari, You saved all Deities and mankind truly,
By defeating and destroying Tripurasura surely,
You blessed Bhagirath your faithful devotee holy,
He accomplished his vow after rigorous penance only.
- 125 —
दानिन महं तुम सम कोउ नाहीं। सेवक स्तुति करत सदाहीं॥
वेद नाम महिमा तव गाई। अकथ अनादि भेद नहिं पाई॥
Gracious One, devotees always sing your beauty,
Even Vedas — store house of knowledge clearly,
Are unable to describe your greatness and glory,
No one is as generous as you in all of the eternity.
- 126 —
प्रगट उदधि मंथन में ज्वाला। जरे सुरासुर भये विहाला॥
कीन्ह दया तहँ करी सहाई। नीलकण्ठ तब नाम कहाई॥
When ocean was churned and poison emerged clearly,
You drank it saving the world from destruction surely.
Your throat became blue — it side effect but certainly,
And you are so also known as Nilakantha unerringly.
- 127 —
पूजन रामचंद्र जब कीन्हा। जीत के लंक विभीषण दीन्हा॥
सहस कमल में हो रहे धारी। कीन्ह परीक्षा तबहिं पुरारी॥
When Ram worshipped you, He won over Ravan fully.
When he wished to worship you with a thousand lotus totally,
The Divine Mother, to test the devotion of Ram in reality,
Hid all the lotus flowers at your request unquestionably.
- 128 —
एक कमल प्रभु राखेउ जोई। कमल नयन पूजन चहं सोई॥
कठिन भक्ति देखी प्रभु शंकर। भये प्रसन्न दिए इच्छित वर॥
Ram then wished to offer His lotus-like eyes to you surely,
Then when you observed Sri Ram’s devotion and intensity,
You were delighted and blessed him open-heartedly.
You granted his heart’s desire and fulfilment totally.
- 129 —
जय जय जय अनंत अविनाशी। करत कृपा सब के घटवासी॥
दुष्ट सकल नित मोहि सतावै। भ्रमत रहे मोहि चैन न आवै॥
Unto you gracious, infinite, immortal, all-pervading — the glory,
Evil thoughts torture me and I keep on traveling ever aimlessly,
In this world of mundane existence of all of the humanity.
In disbelief I live and no relief comes my way in reality.
- 130 —
त्राहि त्राहि मैं नाथ पुकारो। यहि अवसर मोहि आन उबारो॥
लै त्रिशूल शत्रुन को मारो। संकट से मोहि आन उबारो॥
I call your help and seek your divine blessing immediately,
Do save and protect me I beg of you ever sincerely,
Destroy my enemies with your Trishul majestically,
Release me from the torture of evil thoughts completely.
- 131 —
मातु पिता भ्राता सब कोई। संकट में पूछत नहिं कोई॥
स्वामी एक है आस तुम्हारी। आय हरहु अब संकट भारी॥
My parents, brothers, sisters or loved ones surely,
In troubled times relieve not my suffering clearly,
You the person I can hope and depend on only,
Bless and remove my sufferings compassionately.
- 132 —
धन निर्धन को देत सदाहीं। जो कोई जांचे वो फल पाहीं॥
अस्तुति केहि विधि करौं तुम्हारी। क्षमहु नाथ अब चूक हमारी॥
You grant to the poor wisdom and prosperity,
What anyone desires You give that fruit surely,
Due to my ignorance I omitted to worship you only,
Please forgive me — shower Your grace upon me fully.
- 133 —
शंकर हो संकट के नाशन। मंगल कारण विघ्न विनाशन॥
योगी यति मुनि ध्यान लगावैं। नारद शारद शीश नवावैं॥
O Lord Shanker, you are the destroyer of all miseries,
Removing problems, granting bliss to your devotees,
Saints, sages meditate on your beautiful form enchantingly.
Even Sharad and Narad bow in reverence to you reverently.
- 134 —
नमो नमो जय नमो शिवाय। सुर ब्रह्मादिक पार न पाय॥
जो यह पाठ करे मन लाई। ता पार होत है शम्भु सहाई॥
Lord Shiv — prostrations to you so heavenly.
Brahma unable to describe your greatness truly.
Who ever recites these verses with faith will surely,
Crosses all hurdles receive your blessings infinitely.
- 135 —
ॠनिया जो कोई हो अधिकारी। पाठ करे सो पावन हारी॥
पुत्र हीन कर इच्छा कोई। निश्चय शिव प्रसाद तेहि होई॥
Devotees who chant these verses with love and intensity,
By the grace of Lord Shiv are blessed with prosperity,
Even the childless have their desires fulfilled with progeny,
After partaking of Shiva-prasad with devotion and sincerity.
- 136 —
पण्डित त्रयोदशी को लावे। ध्यान पूर्वक होम करावे॥
त्रयोदशी ब्रत करे हमेशा। तन नहीं ताके रहे कलेशा॥
On Trayodashi (13th day of the dark fortnights) surely,
Invite a pundit and make offerings to Shiv devotedly,
Those who fast and pray to Shiv on Trayodashi be,
Always healthy and prosperous with Shiv’s austerity.
- 137 —
धूप दीप नैवेद्य चढ़ावे। शंकर सम्मुख पाठ सुनावे॥
कहे अयोध्या आस तुम्हारी। जानि सकल दुःख हरहु हमारी॥
Who offer incense, prasad, aarti to Shiv blessed be,
Enjoy material happiness and spiritual bliss surely,
`Munindra’ requests and hopes for your sympathy,
Knowing all — do remove sadness and suffering fully.
- 138 —
नित्त नेम कर प्रातः ही, पाठ करौं चालीसा।
तुम मेरी मनोकामना, पूर्ण करो जगदीश॥
Every morning as a rule I recite this Chalisa devotedly,
Fulfill my material and spiritual desires — Bless me wholly.
- 139 -

Mantra Stuti Stotra Chalisa

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