Ganesh Chalisa

गणेश चालीसा

by Munindra Misra

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जय जय जय वंदन भुवन, नंदन गौरिगणेश।
दुख द्वंद्वन फंदन हरन,सुंदर सुवन महेश॥
O Ganesh! Glory – to you the whole world is paying,
You the delight of Gauri and Shiv – their son charming,
You – the destroyer of all problems accumulating,
You – to everybody be happiness ever conferring.
- 36 —
जयति शंभु सुत गौरी नंदन।
विघ्न हरन नासन भव फंदन॥
जय गणनायक जनसुख दायक।
विश्व विनायक बुद्धि विधायक॥
Glory to you – O son of Shambhu and delight of Gauri be,
Demolisher of all fears and deliverer from rebirth truly,
Shiva’s henchmen leader, happiness provider to devotees,
Destroyer of ignorance and giver of knowledge universally!
- 37 —
एक रदन गज बदन विराजत।
वक्रतुंड शुचि शुंड सुसाजत॥
तिलक त्रिपुण्ड भाल शशि सोहत।
छबि लखि सुर नर मुनि मन मोहत॥
The single tusk adorned on your sacred trunk dazzling fully,
Crescent-shaped triple mark on your forehead adorable be,
The celestials, men and ascetics who behold you clearly,
Be engulfed in your loveliness forever in blissful eternity.
- 38 —
उर मणिमाल सरोरुह लोचन।
रत्न मुकुट सिर सोच विमोचन॥
कर कुठार शुचि सुभग त्रिशूलम्।
मोदक भोग सुगंधित फूलम्॥
You adore jewels garland, your eyes a full-blown lotus beauty,
On your head crown of gems, freeing devotees from anxiety,
Holding a sacred axe, a striking trident in your hands clearly,
Fragrant blossom flowers and sweet `laddus’ your delicacies.
- 39 —
सुंदर पीताम्बर तन साजित। चरण पादुका मुनि मन राजित॥
धनि शिव सुवन भुवन सुख दाता। गौरी ललन षडानन भ्राता॥
O Kaartikeya’s brother — beloved son of Shiv and Gauri,
Attired in your beautiful yellow silken dress so elegantly,
Wearing wooden sandals studded with gems beautifully,
You are the source of the blessings of the world totally.
- 40 —
ॠद्धि सिद्धि तव चंवर सुढारहिं। मूषक वाहन सोहित द्वारहिं॥
तव महिमा को बरनै पारा। जन्म चरित्र विचित्र तुम्हारा॥
Over you wave royal chowries accomplishment and prosperity,
Your vehicle, the mouse, adds to your splendor and glory,
And the story of your life is so strange filled with mystery,
Who can describe your magnificence, which passes all stories?
- 41 —
एक असुर शिवरुप बनावै। गौरिहिं छलन हेतु तह आवै॥
एहि कारण ते श्री शिव प्यारी। निज तन मैल मूर्ति रचि डारि॥
A demon disguised as Shiv tried repeatedly,
To delude Gauri who in order to foil his folly,
Moulded you as her own son with all glory,
A divine form from the very scurf of her body.
- 42 —
सो निज सुत करि गृह रखवारे। द्धारपाल सम तेहिं बैठारे॥
जबहिं स्वयं श्री शिव तहं आए। बिनु पहिचान जान नहिं पाए॥
Gauri assigned you to guard her home – your duty,
Stationed you at the very entrance for her security,
When Shiv, her husband, approached unknowingly,
He being unrecognized was not allowed any entry.
- 43 —
पूछ्यो शिव हो किनके लाला। बोलत भे तुम वचन रसाला॥
मैं हूं गौरी सुत सुनि लीजै। आगे पग न भवन हित दीजै॥
Shiv asked, “Whose son are you?” softly,
And you even replied then so pleasantly,
“I am the son of Gauri do hear undoubtedly,
And do not step towards the house” firmly.
- 44 —
आवहिं मातु बूझि तब जाओ। बालक से जनि बात बढ़ाओ॥
चलन चह्यो शिव बचन न मान्यो। तब ह्वै क्रुद्ध युद्ध तुम ठान्यो॥
You asked Shiv to wait for your mother’s consent clearly,
Shiv avoiding to prolong talk with a child undoubtedly,
Attempted to enter – ignoring your words unmindfully,
And you then challenged him to war determinedly.
- 45 —
तत्क्षण नहिं कछु शंभु बिचारयो। गहि त्रिशूल भूल वश मारयो॥
शिरिष फूल सम सिर कटि गयउ। छट उड़ि लोप गगन महं भयउ॥
At that moment Shiv without thought plainly,
Hurled his trishul (Trident) hitting you squarely,
Severing your head from your body immediately,
Which soared into the sky and disappeared fully.
- 46 —
गयो शंभु जब भवन मंझारी। जहं बैठी गिरिराज कुमारी॥
पूछे शिव निज मन मुसकाये। कहहु सती सुत कहं ते जाये॥
And then Shiv entered the house unheedingly,
Wherein sat the daughter of Himalaya — Gauri,
Shiv inquired from her — within but smilingly,
“Hey Sati how you give birth to your son?” openly.
- 47 —
खुलिगे भेद कथा सुनि सारी। गिरी विकल गिरिराज दुलारी॥
कियो न भल स्वामी अब जाओ। लाओ शीष जहां से पाओ॥
The legend of your birth unfolded with her story,
And Gauri fell to the ground learning your tragedy,
“You did not do good – My Lord go sincerely,
Bring his head wherever you find it eventually.”
- 48 —
चल्यो विष्णु संग शिव विज्ञानी। मिल्यो न सो हस्तिहिं सिर आनी॥
धड़ ऊपर स्थित कर दीन्ह्यो। प्राण वायु संचालन कीन्ह्यो॥
Shiv accompanied by Vishnu searched hopefully,
Could not find your head — tried unsuccessfully,
Brought back a baby elephant’s head eventually,
Placed it on your body, gave you life and immortality.
- 49 —
श्री गणेश तब नाम धरायो। विद्या बुद्धि अमर वर पायो॥
भे प्रभु प्रथम पूज्य सुखदायक। विघ्न विनाशक बुद्धि विधायक॥
Then you were thus named Shri Ganesh appropriately,
Blessed with knowledge, wisdom and immortality,
Shiv pronounced — you will be worshipped first eternally,
Removing all obstacles, bring joy, intellect unmistakably.
- 50 —
प्रथमहिं नाम लेत तव जोई। जग कहं सकल काज सिध होई॥
सुमिरहिं तुमहिं मिलहिं सुख नाना। बिनु तव कृपा न कहुं कल्याना॥
Name of Shri Ganeshji if remembered initially,
Embarking on any mission concludes successfully,
Who meditate on you get happiness, peace and security,
Without your blessing there be no success finally.
- 51 —
तुम्हरहिं शाप भयो जग अंकित। भादौं चौथ चंद्र अकलंकित॥
जबहिं परीक्षा शिव तुहिं लीन्हा। प्रदक्षिणा पृथ्वी कहि दीन्हा॥
Your curse caused the universe to be effected wholly,
With earth’s reflection on moon on 4th day of Bhado truly,
When Shivji wanted to assess your intelligence justly,
He asked you to circumambulate the earth speedily.
- 52 -
षड्मुख चल्यो मयूर उड़ाई। बैठि रचे तुम सहज उपाई॥
राम नाम महि पर लिखि अंका। कीन्ह प्रदक्षिण तजि मन शंका॥
Your brother, Kartikeya, flew on his peacock to beat you quickly,
You sat relaxed and took out a simple solution intelligently,
Writing Rama’s name on the ground meditating truthfully,
You went around the name written on the ground completely.
- 53 —
श्री पितु मातु चरण धरि लीन्ह्यो। ता कहं सात प्रदक्षिण कीन्ह्यो॥
पृथ्वी परिक्रमा फल पायो। अस लखि सुरन सुमन बरसायो॥
You with utmost devotion grasped your parent’s feet reverently,
And circumambulated them seven times affectionately,
Thus achieved blessings equal to the task given essentially,
Pleased were gods — showered flowers on you delightedly.
- 54 —
‘सुंदरदास’ राम के चेरा। दुर्वासा आश्रम धरि डेरा॥
विरच्यो श्रीगणेश चालीसा। शिव पुराण वर्णित योगीशा॥
Sundardaas while staying in Durvasa’s hermitage holy,
Being also a dedicated and sincere Rama’s devotee,
Composed this Sri Ganesh Chalisa ever so lovingly,
Just as the Rishi composed Shiv Puran – so aptly.
- 55 —
नित्य गजानन जो गुण गावत। गृह बसि सुमति परम सुख पावत॥
जन धन धान्य सुवन सुखदायक। देहिं सकल शुभ श्री गणनायक॥
The wise persons who hymn the glory of Ganesh daily,
Be blessed with intelligence and supreme bliss joyfully,
And Sri Ganesh ever blesses all his faithful devotees,
With wealth, happiness, auspicious objects and progeny.
- 56 —
श्री गणेश यह चालिसा,पाठ करै धरि ध्यान।
नित नव मंगल मोद लहि,मिलै जगत सम्मान॥
द्धै सहस्त्र दस विक्रमी, भाद्र कृष्ण तिथि गंग।
पूरन चालीसा भयो, सुंदर भक्ति अभंग॥
Who repeats this hymn with earnestness has His blessings,
With all felicity, novelty and honour he be ever then growing,
`Munindra’ – His pupil with honesty ever earnestly be striving,
To sip the sublime glory of “Ganapataye’s” bliss – unrelenting.
- 57 -

Mantra Stuti Stotra Chalisa

In English Rhyme with Original text

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