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5 min readMar 1, 2023


The future of the Mojoverse has never looked so good!

Updated Aug 29, 2023

The mission: Empower NFT creators through powerful initiatives, unique collections, and innovative apps. Established in 2021, the Mojoverse is prepared to scale higher and onboard millions.

This roadmap is intended to be simple and concise, by design. To get a true sense of our purpose (and history), we invite you to checkout the original Mojoverse Roadmap 1.0.

Roadmap 2.0:


Our flagship collectible is where it all began! 🚀

Status: Nov 2021 to Present
Utility: Too many to list! (see perks link below)

Nominated by their peers, MojoHeads are the first (and only) official rookie cards for emerging artists. Designed by the senior team at JoyPixels! Every MojoHead is a direct collaboration with the artist to design the perfect emoji avatar that represents them. There’s no collection like it!

78 artists have been minted to date, with the next group (D) slated for late 2023. Our long-term goal is to mint 500 artists. For early mint access (and discount), you’ll want a MojoHeads Presale Pass.

📖 MojoHeads — Perks of Ownership!


Scalable achievements on the blockchain! 🏆

Status: Aug 2022 to Present
Utility: Ultimate flex, future rewards

Hand painted by artist Cliff Falzon, Milestones are NFT achievements created for Mojoverse collectors & community members. Achieve 1 of 35+ quests to earn a unique Milestone NFT. Each of these Milestones hold special powers beyond the fine art. ✨

  • Collect Mojo NFTs or engage in our Discord to achieve!
  • The ultimate measure of loyalty within Mojoverse.
  • Will someday be used to validate Discord roles.
  • Soulbound tokens (non-transferrable). If you own it, you earned it.

The long-term vision for Milestones is to scale achievements beyond the Mojoverse, especially as it relates to creators/artists.

📖 Ultimate Guide to Milestones

Pearl Games

The ultimate NFT collecting challenge.

Status: August 2023 to Present
Utility: Winners of the Silver Key gain special access to future Mojoverse releases!

Gold, fiat, crypto… all worthless in the year 2500! Pearls are the only currency with value.

Pearl Games (Season 1) will last 4 weeks where you’ll face one crucial decision… to burn or not to burn. You will burn pearls for resources, then resources for new species and upgrades as the game unfolds. There’s not enough Pearls to go around and every Pearl is capable of being burned.

The games include real-time leaderboards displaying the highest ranking players in various categories. A special item will be airdropped mid-season. This item is crucial to reaching the final stage.

8,000 Genesis Pearl NFTs minted. MojoHead holders guaranteed 1 Genesis Pearl per MH held.

📖 Introducing Pearl Games


A beautiful autonomous web3 profile that takes minutes to setup!

An early prototype of the MojoSpace platform

Coming: Q1 2024
Utility: An automated link-in-bio for web3 creators.

MojoSpace is designed to be the ultimate creator’s landing page. Whether you’re an artist, founder, or anyone with a vast digital footprint; MojoSpace will easily plug-in all your newest or favorite NFT collections alongside your latest social media content!

Set it and forget it! Connect your web2/web3 accounts and we’ll keep it updated. Your always in control of how your content is displayed.

MojoHead holders will have early access to MojoSpace.


World’s shortest decentralized ID made up exclusively of emoji.

Early creator ID samples (not registered IDs)

Coming: TBD
Utility: ID someone in 3 characters or less.

MojoID is an emoji-based identifier / user handle built for web3. Instead of letters & numbers, emoji can be used in its place to create the most compact ID in the world (3 emoji or less).

The emoji artwork and framework is developed and maintained in-house by our sister brand JoyPixels. With an emoji library of 1,000 icons, that results in up to 1 billion emoji combinations.

Like an ENS (.eth domain), IDs are reserved on a first come first serve basis (MojoID Mint Pass holders will be first). Unlike ENS domains, there is no rental period. You take pure ownership and hold an NFT to prove it.

📖 Everyone is asking… how does MojoID work?

Let’s not forget…

Our other meaningful properties that you must keep on your radar.

Our weekly LIVE alpha podcast streaming weekly from the Mojoverse Discord. Featured guests, development updates, and FREE attendance tokens. Each Wed at 9a PT |12p ET.

The genesis collectible released by Moby.eth back in September 2021. Only 37 MobyHeads will ever be printed. MobyHead holders enjoy every Mojoheads ownership perk (and more).

A collection of 16 remastered PFPs from beloved projects. MojoPals were airdropped free during it’s run. Collect as many as you can to achieve Milestones. Each character is crafted in vector form by our senior emoji design team at JoyPixels.