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5 min readMay 1, 2024

Our future is in this document!

Updated: May 8, 2024

The mission: Leveraging blockchain technology and exceptional product design, our mission is to empower artists and creators through the development of cutting-edge web3 solutions, curated art collections, and vibrant community experiences that foster opportunities and innovation.

Throughout the bear market, we demonstrated our resilience, navigating challenges with steadfast determination. As our roadmap has evolved, our dedication to fostering community, driving innovation, and delivering value has remained unwavering. We can’t wait to show you the exciting developments and what's to come.

Roadmap 3.0

If you’ve been tuning into MojoLive, you already know!

Introducing to the future of Mojoverse…


Your new identity, powered by emoji.

Our flagship product… years in the making!

Above IDs are just for demo purposes

Coming: June 2024
Utility: Find anyone through their emoji

MojoID is an emoji-based identifier built for web3. Instead of letters & numbers, emoji can be used in its place to create the most compact ID in the world (4 emoji or less).

The emoji artwork and framework is developed and maintained in-house by our sister brand JoyPixels. With an emoji library of 500+ icons, that results in over 60 billion ID combinations.

Like an ENS (.eth domain), IDs are reserved on a first come first serve basis (MojoID Mint Pass holders will be first). Unlike ENS domains, there is no rental period. You take pure ownership and hold an NFT to prove it.

📖 Everyone is asking… how does MojoID work?

Stay tuned for updates. Free limited edition IDs coming soon!


We design your ultimate avatar, by invitation only.

Status: May 2024 — Present
Utility: Unlock your personalized PFP and exclusive roles

MojoHeroes is a NEW collection built to give you a personalized PFP that represents you. Vectorized by our design team at JoyPixels.

  • Your real face (or AI) converted to avatar form
  • Sport your new PFP in the Mojoverse Discord
  • Exclusive access and rewards

Invites are going out to our top holders. If you currently rank in the Top 40 leaderboard then you should have an exclusive Mojoverse Discord role (MojoHeroes-Invite) and a private channel to begin your avatar design process!

Collection started minting May 8, 2024. See Discord for updates and invitation updates.


Our OG collectible where it all began! 🚀

Status: Nov 2021 to Present
Utility: Too many to list! (see perks link below)

Nominated by their peers, MojoHeads are the first (and only) official rookie cards for emerging artists. Designed by the senior team at JoyPixels, every MojoHead is a direct collabwith the artist to design the perfect emoji avatar that represents them. There’s no collection like it!

78 artists have been minted to date, with the next group (D) ready and waiting.

🏠 MojoHeads Website
🛒 MojoHeads Collection (Blur)
📖 Perks of Ownership!

Pearl Games

The ultimate NFT collecting challenge. ⚔️

Status: Aug 2023 to Present
Utility: Discord $Charm, Magic Chests, and more.

Pearl Games introduced the sport of collecting! Mint and burn. Collect Genesis Pearls to use as your currency in the game. Spend (aka burn) them for resources in Stage 1. Resources minted can be combined to create game characters and more resources in the later stages. It’s a strategy game that challenges all the greatness of NFT collecting. The ultimate prize is the coveted Silver Key. Bask in the journey and remember, burn wisely. 🔥

  • Holders qualify for roles and daily CHARM in Discord
  • Silver Key holders gain special Mojoverse access
  • Species Set holders unlock future MojoID rewards

🏠 Pearl Games Website
Genesis Pearls (OpenSea)
🛒 Official Collection (OpenSea)
📖 Introducing Pearl Games

8,000 total Genesis Pearl NFTs minted. Over half the supply burned.


Scalable achievements on the blockchain! 🏆

Status: Aug 2022 to Present
Utility: Ultimate flex, future rewards

Hand painted by artist Cliff Falzon, Milestones are NFT achievements created for Mojoverse collectors & community members. Achieve 1 of 35+ quests to earn a unique Milestone NFT. Each of these Milestones hold special powers beyond the fine art. ✨

  • Collect Mojoverse NFTs or engage in our Discord to achieve!
  • The ultimate measure of loyalty within Mojoverse.
  • Soulbound tokens (non-transferrable). If you own it, you’ve earned it.

Milestones will be moved offchain sometime in 2024 to save on gas, and will be auto-claimed for registered members. You may still claim Milestones, but only recommended if gas is low and affordable. Follow Discord for updates.

🏠 Milestones Website
Milestones Collection (OpenSea)
📖 Ultimate Guide to Milestones

Let’s not forget…

Our other significant products to keep on your radar.

Our weekly LIVE alpha podcast streaming weekly from the Mojoverse Discord. Featured guests, giveaways, games and development updates, and FREE attendance tokens. Each Wed at 9a PT | 12p ET.

The genesis collectible released by Moby.eth in September 2021. There are and will only be 37 MobyHeads. MobyHead holders enjoy every Mojoheads ownership perk (and more).

A collection of 16 remastered PFPs from beloved projects. MojoPals were airdropped free during it’s run. Collect as many as you can to achieve Milestones. Each character is crafted in vector form by our senior emoji design team at JoyPixels.

For a glimpse into Mojoverse history: Mojoverse Roadmap 2.0