Activity Report Vol.43: A Poster with Messages from Around the World was Delivered to Kamikaze Douga

Messages from anime fans from over 30 countries have been delivered!

Otaku Coin was born in order to fulfill two wishes: to let more people throughout the world understand the greatness of Japanese otaku culture and to give them an opportunity to participate and get involved more in Japanese otaku culture.

The aspirations of Otaku Coin are to connect Japanese otaku culture fans and creators throughout the world and to create a community that transcends borders with a community currency. In order to make that real, the very first step is being able to connect fans and creators.

With that in mind, Otaku Coin is participating in the “Worldwide Anime Site Collaboration Project,” an interview project collaborating with anime news sites around the world that was launched by Tokyo Otaku Mode, a company that continues to work hard to spread Japanese pop culture to the world, and one of the partners of the Otaku Coin Association.

As we have been interviewing anime studios, we have heard many of them saying that they also want to hear the voices of oversea fans. Through interviewing otaku and doing a survey regarding Otaku Coin, we have also noticed that a common theme is the desire to support anime studios. And that’s exactly the role of Otaku Coin in this project, the goal of which is to translate supportive messages from around the world into Japanese and make them into posters which would be delivered directly to anime studios!

And here it is, the poster with all of your supportive messages that was delivered to Kamikaze Douga!

A beautiful poster was created with encouraging and powerful messages to Kamikaze Douga from fans in over 30 countries. The design features Earth and space and represents the ideas of “from Japan to the world” and “from the world to Kamikaze Douga!” The staff at Kamikaze Douga was extremely happy to see this! This is definitely going to fuel them in creating more anime.

Soon we will have interviews with BONES, Sunrise, and Yaoyorozu! This poster project is going to continue as well. But from hereon, instead of sending your supportive messages through our website, please use the Otaku Coin Official App that is going to be released soon to send your supportive messages! Please download the app once it is released and join otaku around the world in supporting anime studios!

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