Paper Poetry’s June month-long prompt

Poetry Pearls

The poetry of pearls is within you

Carolyn Hastings
Paper Poetry
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4 min readJun 1, 2024


A white shell alongside two pearls, one large, one small reflected in a black background.
Image by Briam Cute from Pixabay

Vermeer’s girl with a pearl earring
A wise word from a sage
One grain of sand in an oyster shell
June’s gem is set for our stage

Well, that was freaky flukish and unexpected! I hit the magic 100 alphabet-letter count for a twittle in my first attempt writing the epigraph for this story! 😅

Speaking of unexpected, that’s exactly what Indubala Kachhawa’s May prompt was all about. Not unexpectedly, the responses to the prompt were amazing and, as we’ve come to expect, wonderfully diverse and creative. We are very blessed to have such talent among us. Please take a look for yourself and expect the unexpected!

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🌟 The



Carolyn Hastings
Paper Poetry

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