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Stories from March 1 — March 14th, 2024

Caitlin McColl
Run With Intention


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Welcome to the latest Run With Intention bi-weekly newsletter.

These first two weeks of March saw 6 pieces added to the publication. Mostly from myself — so please, if you want to contribute to the publication at any point, don’t hesitate so we have more from a variety of authors for each newsletter!

But we did have one story by Daniel Ng about his fantastic Ironman Triathlon experience that will bring a smile to your face!

Without further ado, here’s the stories for these past 2 weeks:

Confessions Of A New Runner: Do You Jeff? by Caitlin McColl — asking whether you also do the run/walk method

The Joy Of New Running Gear by Caitlin McColl — my excitement buying a new pair of runners and my first running skirt

Photo by Miguel A Amutio on Unsplash

How Running in Ironman 70.3 Team Triathlon Brings Hope and Smile by Daniel Ng — an inspiring story about doing a Triathlon with some fellow athletes in New Zealand

The Women’s Running Podcast by Caitlin McColl — a recommendation for a great (and hilarious) running podcast (not just for women only!)

Photo by Photoholgic on Unsplash

Confessions Of A New Runner: “You Just Need Running Shoes” Is A Lie by Caitlin McColl — an article about how the ‘simple’ hobby of running really adds up with all the gear you end up needing to get!

My Running Journey — February 2023 by Caitlin McColl — my running log/diary for the month of February, having done almost 94km in the entire month — my most miles so far in a month!

So that’s all the stories submitted to Run With Intention in the past two weeks!

If you haven’t written for the publication yet and would like to be featured in future newsletters please submit your pieces — I look forward to reading about your running journeys and experiences.

Until next time running friends!



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