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More on January 7th Downtime — The DMCA and Due Process was down for approximately one hour and twenty five minutes last week. Kenneth initially wrote about it here. This post provides more information as to what happened.

Improving the Surge CLI on Windows

Despite being a designer at Surge, I am happy that the dependability of the Windows CLI has fallen within my responsibilities; designers advocate for the people using what they make, and many of the people using Surge are running Windows.

Build beats with Big Spaceship

An interview on hackdays with Nick Dandakis

Recently, we saw a fun client-side sequencer called Crew Cuts that Nick Dandakis, a technologist at Big Spaceship, put together. After we built up some songs using samples from…

January 7, 2016 downtime

Just before 10:00 PST today, had about one hour and twenty minutes of downtime.

Our goal is to provide you with timely information on any downtime we go through. Todays event has been particularly challenging to digest as the downtime was not a…

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