The 21st Century Restaurant

Thinking on the (dis)connection between technology and eating.

Magic: In Search of the Perfect Ratings System

Why we have such a hard time codifying our favorite restaurants.

Made in the USA

What it means to us at Breadcrumb

High Point is a city located in the Piedmont Triad region in the state of North Carolina. Extending into four…


It’s worth the wait. Try not to get kicked out.

In 2009 I took trip to New York City and was finally able to eat at the legendary Shopsins restaurant. What…

If Restaurants Are the Entertainment, They’re Going to Get a Lot More Expensive

So, restaurants have moved from being the thing you do before or after you see a show to the show…

Chew and Screw

by Keith R. Higgons

You might think that an article titled "Chew and Screw" might be somewhat dirty. I suppose metaphorically, it is. Realistically though…

The Hemingway

by Elena Nardini

"That's all we do isn't it-- look at things and try new drinks?"
Hills Like White Elephants
- Ernest Hemingwa

I’ll have the Google Glass — with the dressing on the side, please

One Night in Hong Kong

It happened.

I Want My Coffee, And I Want It Now

Why we desperately need a better way to order coffee

Since moving to the Pacific Northwest I have grown to love coffee…

The Peak-End Rule and Understanding Jam-Packed Bad Restaurants

I am, in a totally irrational way, deeply offended by mediocre restaurants. They are worse than plainly awful…

Criticisms of using Kickstarter to begin a restaurant

Recently, several St. Louis-based companies (or entrepreneurs) have made use of Kickstarter to collect funds in order to open…

Four places to eat in Toronto

A dear friend of mine who lives in Toronto always welcomed me for a visit — but said not to come between November and April. (The joke is on everyone else, as…

Spotted Pig’s Ken Friedman on Crafting a Scene 

Ken Friedman is the co-owner of the Spotted Pig, The Breslin, The John Dory and Salvation Taco in New York. He is the Don King to his chef…

Did You Check In Online?

“Welcome to GreatClips. Did you check in online?” She’s new, a receptionist or manager I haven't spotted in the four years I've been coming here for my bimonthly six…

The Googley restaurant

With your indulgence, I thought I’d add to the discussion an excerpt from a book I wrote, called What Would Google Do?, in which I speculated

Ah Bouchon…

I used to think that the Steak Frites at Les Halles couldn’t be beat this side of the Atlantic, until I dropped by Bouchon. A nine ounce Flatiron steak, caramelized onions and…

Food+Tech: Ripe for innovation, but no photos on my menu, please

Food plus technology: two of my favorite subjects, and, in my opinion, two industries that have never been better…

The 21st Century Restaurant
The 21st Century Restaurant

Thinking on the (dis)connection between technology and eating.

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