The World’s First DAICO Completed: Results and Achievements

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3 min readMay 17, 2018


May 16, 2018. The Abyss Token Sale is successfully completed. Driven by the principles of honesty, transparency and innovation, we were the first to implement Vitalik Buterin’s DAICO idea, instead of conducting traditional ICO, as previously planned.

It was a long road, paved with hardships and challenges that we had to overcome. Six months of sleepless nights and hard work, but it was worth doing.

We’re finally there, and now it is time to say the words of gratitude to all our contributors and supporters.

Thank you!

Cảm ơn bạn!





Let us sum up the results of this incredible journey and recall the key achievements on the way to our joint success.

The Token Sale (DAICO) results are as follows:

Funds raised: $15 362 418
ETH: 18 511
BNB: 199 901
Tokens sold: 188 040 754
Coverage: 110 countries (Updated)

Portal registrations: 131899
Whitelisted through TG bot: 25034
KYC/AML applications accepted: 9558
Contributors: 4 897

Passed the quiz: 2500
Failed to pass the quiz: 1209
KYC/AML applications rejected: 2527

In an effort to deliver the world’s first DAICO, the following achievements were reached:

  • We were the first on the market to implement whitelisting through the Telegram bot, translated into 6 languages.
  • The Abyss official website has been translated to 15 languages. No machine translation, it was totally organic.
  • The project news was timely translated to 6 languages: English, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Russian.
  • In early April we have presented the MS Windows version of the platform prototype, available for download at the official landing page.
  • The KYC/AML procedure became another challenge for us. The smart contract was set to accept funds only from verified participants. We had to develop and to implement our own pre-moderation system, that helped us to reduce the number of rejections and avoid unnecessary spendings.
  • We’ve paid maximum attention to legal issues, and have reviewed legislation of various countries to find the best solutions. We were among the first on the market to conduct the 100% legal token sale for the US citizens/residents under Regulation D under the Securities Act of 1933. The US participants’ tokens are locked by smart contract for 1 year in compliance with the aforesaid regulations.
  • We refused to conduct pre-sales and private sales for the sake of maximum transparency.
  • We’ve introduced The Abyss Assistant, our official mobile app for iOS allowing to monitor the referral network and track the number of purchased and bonus tokens.
  • We’ve published two comparative tables, showing the key differences between The Abyss and video games market giants (like Steam, GOG, Kongregate, etc.), as well as between us and the existing blockchain-based game projects.
  • We have released the innovative Smart Paper, to explain the platform’s key features in laymen’s terms.

Yes, we’ve done our best to deliver maximum transparency, and you can be assured that we’ll stay on to it in our future work.

ABYSS tokens listing

To avoid low liquidity of ABYSS tokens at the small exchanges, tokens will be unlocked after they get listed at one of the market’s leading exchanges.

The Abyss is interested in TOP-7 exchanges. Since the top exchanges forbid reporting the negotiation process, we have to abstain from commenting anything except for the mentioned above.


The Abyss Team



The Аbyss Team
The Abyss Platform

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