Introducing the White Noise Chronicles.

Diverse journeys of #adopteevoices. We are not the same!

Shane Bouel
Thoughtless Delineation
4 min readApr 25, 2024


Introducing the White Noise Chronicles. We are not the same — diverse journeys and united voices.
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In the truth of adoption narratives, the White Noise Chronicles stands as a testament to the diverse and often completely unrelatable experiences encountered by adoptees. Authored by Shane Bouel and published in “Thoughtless Delineation,” these articles delve into the intricate layers of adoption trauma, societal stigmas, identity crises, and the longing for understanding and acceptance.

In the White Noise Chronicles, each article interweaves with the vastness of experience within adoption, echoing the diversity of voices within adoptive communities. From shell-shocked advocacy to the higher purpose of biology and the corruption of energy, these experiences converge to illuminate a core truth:

we are not the same.”

A Call to Confront the Silent Wars Within All of Us!

In the “White Noise Chronicles,” the first article, titled A Call to Confront the Silent Wars Within All of Us! delves into the profound exploration of adoption’s hidden battles, shedding light on the weaponized levels of trauma that often go unrecognized but deeply impact individuals and families. It employs a raw and impassioned advocacy style, rallying readers to acknowledge and confront the silent battles within adoption. This article sets the tone for a journey of introspection and advocacy, urging us to recognize the brutality and permanence of adoption trauma.

Unveiling Systemic Injustice in Adoption!

Navigating the complexities of systemic injustices, the second installment in the “White Noise Chronicles” series, titled The Epoch of Trauma — Unveiling Systemic Injustice in Adoption,” takes a bold and candid approach. With an unwavering commitment to truth, it plunges into the intricate layers of profound trauma woven into adoption practices. This exploration serves as a clarion call for a comprehensive reevaluation of existing paradigms, advocating fervently for transformative change rooted in justice and equity.

Echoes of Unseen Trauma!

The third article, Echoes of Unseen Trauma & the Corruption of Biological Sacred Geometry,” intricately unravels the intricate web of hidden battles ensnared within societal norms and expectations. It meticulously explores the pervasive influence of trauma in shaping identities and orchestrating a disruption of the natural order of existence. This exploration shines a penetrating light on the deep-rooted corruption that adoption trauma inflicts upon individuals’ lives, infiltrating the very fabric of their being and leaving lasting scars on their sense of self and belonging.

Cosmic Resonance of Trauma!

The fourth chapter of the “White Noise Chronicles,” titled Cosmic Trauma in Adoption,” delves into the profound interconnectedness of human experiences across cosmic dimensions. Exploring concepts like morphic resonance and cosmic vibrations, this article unveils adoption trauma as an underlying frequency woven into the fabric of existence. It acknowledges the echoes of past lives and karmic imprints that resonate through time and space, shaping the narratives of souls navigating earthly incarnations. This cosmic contemplation offers a transcendent perspective on the struggles of separation, loss, and identity conflicts within adoption, highlighting the eternal quest for healing and integration amidst the vast cosmic symphony of life.

Imagining a New Beginning!

The final chapter of the “White Noise Chronicles,” titled Imagining a New Beginning! engages in a reflective exploration that delves into the complexities of adoptees’ experiences and highlights the longing for understanding and acceptance. It emphasizes the need for empathy and acknowledgment, challenging the dichotomy between adopted and non-adopted experiences. This reflective style invites readers to contemplate the bittersweet reverie of starting anew, unburdened by the shadows of trauma, and to empathize with the envy intertwined with confusion that adoptees often experience. It encourages deep listening, honouring the unique journeys of adoptees, and advocating for a world where every life, regardless of its origin, is embraced with compassion and understanding, breaking down barriers of difference and affirming that we are not the same.

Wrapping up “The White Noise Chronicles” feels like sitting around a fire after a long day’s journey. These articles have been our shared stories, our truths laid bare, and our hearts echoing with the struggles and hopes of adoptees everywhere.

From the raw passion of advocacy to the unflinching gaze at systemic injustices, from unravelling the unseen traumas to contemplating cosmic resonances, and finally, to imagining new beginnings, each piece has been a brick in the path toward understanding.

We’ve learned that adoption isn’t just a single story or a neat narrative. It’s messy, it’s painful, and it’s beautiful all at once. The core message that resounds through every line is simple yet profound:

“We are not the same.”



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