Advanced Guide to the CryptantCrab Battle Arena

Aug 8 · 7 min read

In our Beginner’s guide, we talked about the Arena rewards, basic battle mechanics, Crab elements, stats, and growth points.

We’ll be going over the nitty-gritty in this guide — such as how winners are decided in battles and other influencing factors.

In light of some players voicing their confusion on how the Growth Point Fossil works, we’ll also be covering the mechanics behind GP Fossils under the ‘Fossils’ section.

Table of Contents

  • Legendary Parts
  • What is the Crab Heart?
  • What are Full Sets?
  • Fossils & Ghost Fossils
  • Battle Formula

Legendary Parts

Legendary part are highly rare and sought-after parts in CryptantCrab, as they provide boosts for your crab whenever they enter combat!

For every legendary part on your crab, it gains a 10% boost to one of these stats: Health, Damage, Block, Resistance, or Prey Multiplier.

Legendary boosts are activated only in battle and are therefore “Hidden” in the stat display!

The crab body is the most prestigious amongst them all, as the body is the immutable core of the crab. If the body of your crab is Legendary, then what you have on-hand is a Legendary Crab!

Players can hatch crab eggs to get anything from a Legendary Crab to crabs with Legendary Parts. They may also mutate their crab’s Claws and Legs to obtain a Legendary Part (more on this later).

Hatching 10 Eggs in one go at the Shop guarantees at least one Legendary Crab!

What do the Star Symbols mean?

Notice how these crabs have differing star symbols on their thumbnails?

Left: Hellfire Crab with Coral L Claw, Reaper R Claw
Right: Chrome Crab with Chrome R Claw

A star represents one Legendary Part on the crab, its element, and whether it matches the Crab Body’s set.

Stars that are outlined represent a Legendary Part that isn’t from the same set as the Crab’s body. The hellfire crab has two outlined stars, and therefore is a common crab with Legendary Parts (Coral & Reaper claws).

Stars that are colored represent a Legendary Part that matches the Crab’s body. This chrome crab has two colored stars, implicating it’s a Legendary rarity as the Legendary part matches with the Body’s set (Chrome Body and Chrome R Claw).

Mutating for a Legendary Part

Through mutating their crab, players have a 3% base chance of acquiring a Legendary Part. Each mutation costs 1 Cryptant, and increases the appearance rate by 0.1% (Up to a max appearance rate of 20%).

Players can mutate a part of their crab 30 times, and still enjoy the increased rates on the other parts as rates carry over. Moreover, the appearance rate will not reset once you do acquire a Legendary Part!

Read up on CryptantCrab mutations here.

Checking your Crab Heart

Anyone who’s played Pokemon will have heard of the term “Nature”, it represents where your mon excels and vice versa. Similarly, every crab in CryptantCrab has what’s known as a “Crab Heart”. This is an unmodifiable aspect of the crab that determines a crab’s strengths.

If a corner of the Crab Heart is lit up, the linked attribute will also be augmented in battle.

A crab’s worth can’t be measured by numbers alone. Just like boosts from legendary parts, a Crab Heart activates only amidst battle and, therefore, has its true effects concealed from the Stat Display.

Crabs with all 4 corners lit receive a well-balanced spread of boosts, while Crabs with 1–3 corners lit receive a bigger boost to those areas.

This makes every crab unique despite sharing the same type of carapace, or even sharing all the parts (which is a rare case in itself)!

To check your Crab’s Heart, select the Top Right Icon of your Crab’s thumbnail or view it directly on your crab’s profile.

Full Set Crabs

Full set crabs will gain 30% resistance to ALL elements. This dramatically tips the scale in your favor in the Arena. However! It does not exempt the crab from any elemental weaknesses. Being a fire crab, the Sulphur Crab above will still take increased damage from Water and Spirit Crabs due to their elemental relationship.

Unless you’re extremely lucky when you hatch an egg, Full Set crabs are high value NFT’s crafted with time and dedication.

Fossils & How They Work

A fossil is what’s left behind of a crab after a Xenograft process. They are tradeable equipments unique to CryptantCrab. They can be sold and bought on the in-game Marketplace, Open Sea.

Fossils are essential for high level success in the CryptantCrab Arena, as they enhance one of 6 attributes of your crab.

DPS — Damage per attack/ second
Block — Number of attacks blocked
Resistance — Elemental Resistance
HP — Health Points
Prey Multiplier — Damage multiplier when attacking a Primary or Secondary Prey
Growth Point — Increased stat bonus from Leveling Up (more on this later)

A fossil can come in two forms: Normal and Relic, giving an extra 5% and 10% bonus respectively to a stat attribute of the crab.

Read more on how you can acquire Relic fossils here.

Growth Point Fossil

As mentioned in the Beginner’s Guide, growth point is how much a crab’s stats will increase whenever it levels up. One GP represents a 0.5% growth in that stat× LV, this affects: DPS, Block, HP.

With this in mind, what does the GP Fossil do exactly?

We know this has been a point of confusion, so let’s first talk about what the fossil does not do:

  • Increase EXP gained by your Crab
  • Give an increased permanent stats when leveling up your Crab with the fossil equipped

The GP Fossil multiplies the number of Growth Points your crab has by a percentage, then recalculates your crab’s stats attributes as if it’s been leveling up with the increased number of GP.

If the Sulphur Crab was LV10 and equipped two 10% GP Fossils, it’s GP would increase by 20% — making it 6GP. Its health will then be recalculated from the ground up, like so:

Base Health x (1 + (6GP x 0.005 x 10)) = New Health Stat

These effects are not permanent; only active with the GP Fossil equipped. We hope this sheds a light on how GP Fossils operate!

Ghost Fossils

Ghost fossils are a special type of Relic fossil that materialize into the world of CryptantCrab at the end of every Arena Season. True to their name, they are ephemeral, only staying world-bound for 4 Days, 23 Hours and 59 Minutes.

Just like other fossils, the Ghost Fossil offers a stat increase to one attribute of the Crab. However, they pack a way bigger punch; increasing a Stat by an unprecedented amount of 25%. Pair it up with a crab of matching element, and that bonus goes up to 50%!

These Fossils seem to favor underdogs, appearing only to assist players ranked below the Hero Tier (Rank 6 and below) in the previous Arena. Ten of these ghost fossils will appear to give them an unrivaled push to the top.

Battle Formula

Our battle formula can be found under “How to Play” on our Arena screen.

T = Total time to defeat
x = DPS
m = Number of Crab parts matched with crab element *

y = Element Prey DPS Multiplier — Primary 50% | Secondary 25%
H = Opponent’s HP
B = Opponent’s Block
R = Opponent’s Resistance to your crab’s Element **

*Element matched = 1 point, Crab Set matched = 2 points
**Each Part resist 10% of DPS by the same element
**Full Set Crab Resist all element DPS by 30%

The shortest time to defeat opponent = WIN

For more information, check out our other guides below. Remember to clap, share and follow us on Medium if you’d like more CryptantCrab content!


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