An Introduction to CryptantCrab

Crypto Collectibles based on Mobile Game with 5M Downloads

Jul 5 · 3 min read

What is this?

Is it a mutant? Is it a crab? No, it’s —

A creature hatched in a world of untamed elements, infused with powers beyond imagination. Be it Water, Fire, Earth, Metal or even Spirit, each crab is empowered by an element of their own.

CryptantCrab is based on Appxplore (iCandy) Ltd’s mobile hit, Crab War, with over 5 million downloads and even a Google Best Games Award.

Each crabs come in one of five elements, five body parts, and millions of combinations for you to collect!

What are CryptantCrabs?

CryptantCrabs are born into a world of untamed elements where creatures adapt or perish.

Despite harsh conditions, they have found ways to adapt through their ability to mutate their body parts. As a result of such erratic mutations, no one can accurately predict the nature of these mysterious beings.

Collect, customize, trade and battle your crabs with players all around the world for Arena rewards worth ETH, a digital currency with tradeable value. Players can expect a healthy reward system, a fully transparent Marketplace, and simple yet rewarding Battle Mechanics.

CryptantCrabs are non-fungible tokens that exist on the blockchain, and as such, no one can tamper with them — not even the developers!

Elemental Forces, Unite!

Fire, Earth, Metal, Spirit, and Water — every CryptantCrab fights imbued with either one of the elements. All elements are strong against two others and weak against two others. It is this complex webbing of elemental relations that can sway the flow of battles.

Click here for our Beginner’s Guide to Battle Arena.

Can I modify and personalize my crabs?

YES, through Mutation and Xenograft.

Each crab comes with the ability to mutate their parts into something new. Doing so gives your crab a chance to get a better part, even a Legendary part that raises its value in the Marketplace.

You may also opt for Xenografts to graft a specific part from another crab to your crab. This process turns your first crab into a fossil, a battle equipment and NFT, which like the crab can be traded for ETH in the Marketplace.

No matter which procedure of modification you use, your crabs will always generate value for you.

Getting Started

Click here to play now. Learn about signing up here.

Appxplore (iCandy) Ltd is an award-winning game development studio that has grown into one of the industry leaders in Southeast Asia. Their critically acclaimed successes include Alien Path, Crab War, and Light A Way which are enjoyed by gamers across the world. The very same team behind the highly successful Crab War is applying new technologies into video games by creating the blockchain-powered spin-off for Crab War — CryptantCrab.


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CryptantCrab brings crypto games the next level with elemental affinities, legendary mutations and vibrant crustacean clashes. .

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