Beginner’s Guide to the CryptantCrab Battle Arena

Jun 26 · 3 min read
When elements collide.

So you wanna dive into CryptantCrab’s Battle Arena and be the very best? Here’s a guide to get you started.

Season & Rewards

At the end of each Arena Season, Crab Eggs, precious Cryptant, and Crab Tokens are distributed out to Arena participants based on their rankings.

Battle System

Battles in CryptantCrab are done in teams of two, so you’ll want to obtain two crabs to start your journey.

When a team is sent to battle, they’ll face off against 5 other teams, aka 10 other crabs. The maximum number of wins your team can acquire in a battle is 20 wins against each individual crab.

Each battle is simulated against 5 other players, with your total wins tallied towards your Arena Ranking.

Achieving victory comes down to your crabs’ element, stats, level, crab heart and how they interact with the opponents.


A CryptantCrab is born infused with an element of Water, Fire, Earth, Metal or Spirit. Each element is strong against two others and conversely, weak against the remaining two.

When a crab’s element is advantageous to an opponent’s, it receives a damage buff known as the Prey Multiplier.

Your crab’s damage is increased by 50% whenever it faces a primary prey, indicated by the outer ring of the elemental chart.

Similarly, when facing a secondary prey (indicated by the inner ring), your crab deals 25% extra damage.


Health Points (HP) are how much damage a crab can withstand in battles. The more health points it has, the harder it will be to take down.

Damage per second (DPS)is the amount of damage that a crab deals every second to the opponent.

Block is the number of times a crab can block attacks, neutralizing damage from the opponent for a set period of time.

Resistances are the crab’s elemental defenses. The more resistant a crab is to an element, the less damage it’ll take from that element. Each claw and legs of the Crab provides it with 10% resistance to the part’s element.

Leveling Up

Whenever your crab levels up, its base stats grow with its level. How much each stat grows is linked to the crab’s Growth Points. These stats can be increased by leveling up: Health (red), DPS (green), and Block (blue).

One growth point = 0.5% of base stat growth per level up

Therefore in the example above, the crab will grow 2.5% in health, 0.5% in Damage, and 0.5% in Block whenever it levels up.

Your crabs gain 1 EXP whenever they participate in a battle, and if a crab has 6 or more wins, it gains 2 EXP. Mutations and Xenografts will grant 8 EXP every time.

For more information on how to mutate your crabs, click this guide.
For more info on Battling, read our Advanced Guide for Battle Arena.


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CryptantCrab brings crypto games the next level with elemental affinities, legendary mutations and vibrant crustacean clashes. .

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