minerstat mining tutorial #28: How to replace a mining client

Jan 28 · 4 min read

When a new algorithm enters the crypto mining space, there is always a lot of curiosity, interest, and dynamics connected to it. Miners want to test it out while mining client developers work days and nights to assure that the best possible version for mining this new algorithm is available. Often, this results in several new versions that are coming out from different mining client developers at different times. Since there is a demand, developers want to release every improvement they have made as soon as possible and miners, of course, want to test these new improvements.

In the middle of both are monitoring and management services, like minerstat. While we want to assure miners the best possible performance, we also need to assure stability. If the new version of mining client hasn’t been properly tested yet and we just blindly upgrade it, we risk ruining stability for miners that don’t want or need the upgrade.

But what maybe you didn’t know, is that you have an option to upgrade (or even downgrade) the mining client on your own. You can check the list of mining clients that are currently supported on minerstat and their versions and if you want to change the version, you can follow the steps explained in this tutorial and mine with the version you like the best.

In this tutorial, we will show how to upgrade BMINER, but you can use the same procedure for all other mining clients. Let’s say that msOS and Windows Node are currently using version 13.2.0 and we want to upgrade to 14.0.0. Make sure to turn off mining while you are updating and turn it back on when you are done.

Hint: If there is a mining client that we don’t support, but you know that it is based on a mining client that we do support (meaning that both mining clients are using the same API structure), you can also use this tutorial to replace the mining client with your preferred one.

In short, to replace mining client you need to navigate to the location, find the name of your mining client, and replace the executable files. It is important that you only replace the executable files and not the whole folder. If you replace the whole folder, the software will update it right before mining client will be used and replace it with the version we officially support.

mining OS

Replacing version on Linux can be a more complex task at first look than replacing a version on Windows. But, with the right tools, you can make it an easy one. In this tutorial, we will show you an easier approach. If you know your way around Linux, you can also use other approaches - whichever is easier and faster for you.

All mining clients on msOS are located in the following folder.


You first need to connect to your mining rig. We suggest you use SFTP connection and to make it as easiest and fastest as possible, use a software that allows you such connection - for example, Filezilla.

  1. Download Filezilla.
  2. Install and open it.
  3. Open Site Manager.
  4. Create a new site - you can name it the same as your rig.
    - Protocol: SFTP
    - Host: Your rig’s local IP
    - Connection: Regular
    - Username: minerstat
    - Password: msos
  5. Connect to the server.
  6. Navigate to /home/minerstat/minerstat-os/client/bminer
  7. Find the executable file of BMINER on your computer.
  8. Click on the file with the right mouse button and upload the file to the server.

Now you are ready to switch mining back on and to mine with your new (or old) version of mining client.

Windows mining

Since in Windows you can easily browse any folder, replacing the mining client will be easier. All mining clients on Windows are located in the following subfolder.


You need to find this subfolder and the name of your mining client and replace the executable files. For Windows, this is it. You are now ready to switch mining back on and to mine with your new (or old) version of mining client.

Happy mining!

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