by ronatory

Photo Credit: Jannik Selz
Everything you can imagine is real. — Pablo Picasso


…you’re at home and want to go somewhere. And you don’t want to go to the next train or bus station and the place where you want to go is to far away to walk.

So what if you can push a button on your phone and a car will appear in the next 1-5 minutes to your pickup location.

Next imagine the car which appears at your pickup location have

NO driver

The car will drive


You will do also something good for the environment, because the car is electric.

You don’t have to pay for the drive, because you already pay monthly, like you pay for your smartphone contract.

Then imagine after the car reached your final destination and drive away, you will see how it will drive to the next charging station to get ready for the next drive.

Then imagine you won’t hear ambulance or police sirens, because no accidents happen anymore. You won’t be stressed, because another driver next to you don’t pay attention to traffic rules. You won’t be late anymore, because of traffic jams.

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